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Senior Garett Ince is returning for his final season with the Cavaliers as a faceoff specialist and boasts a career faceoff win percetage of over .500. The Oakville, Ontario native recently sat down with to discuss the 2011 season, his pregame preparations, and the trial and tribulations of being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Question: How special would it be to win a national championship in your final year?

Ince: It would be really meaningful. To be able to win as a senior for our coaches would be really nice. We want to win it for every person in the program’s past, and also for ourselves. We came here with the intention of winning a national title, and this is our last year to do it. It would be great to go out with a win.

Question: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the team this year?

Ince: We are young on defense. We graduated Ken Clausen and Ryan Nizolek who were major factors for us last year, so those are big shoes to fill.

Question: How comforting is it to have veteran goalkeeper Adam Ghitelman between the pipes?

Ince: It is definitely huge. You have to have confidence in your goalie. You set up your defense to allow shots that you trust our goalie to save. I have played with him for four years now, and I would not have it any other way. He is a great player and a great asset to the team.

Question: How do you prepare before a game?

Ince: I stretch a lot before the game, and I spend a lot of time taping up my stick. I am very particular about my stick so I spend about an hour before each game making sure it is perfect. I also like to drink a lot of caffeine- coffee and Coke Zero are my drinks of choice.

Question: What about preparing for faceoff matchups?

Ince: We watch a bunch of film on their faceoff guys. When I see what number I am up against I reflect back on the film and what moves he does. From there I think about what moves I can do to give myself the best odds of winning the faceoff.

Question: How vital are faceoff wins for the team to be successful?

Ince: Faceoffs are very important at this level of play. Any team can win any game, so it is key to have the ball for a majority of the time. Small things like faceoffs can have a huge impact on the game.

Question: What is going through your head on the field right before a faceoff?

Ince: It requires a lot of concentration because you do not want to jump before the whistle. Once the referee says ‘down’ you have to put yourself into a quiet mode and focus not to flinch. It is important to get in the zone.

Question: Now for some fun questions- what are you jamming to in your iPod these days?

Ince: I am a big Taio Cruz fan.

Question: What is your favorite restaurant in Charlottesville and favorite menu item?

Ince: Bodo’s. It’s cheap and delicious. I always wake up starving, so it is my go-to restaurant. As for my favorite food there, it is definitely the bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. I get it just about every time.

Question: As a hockey fan, what team do you root for in the NHL?

Ince: I am a big Maple Leafs fan, which has been tough for the past … twenty years or so given their winning record [laughing].

Question: Who is your all-time favorite hockey player?

Ince: Growing up it was always Doug Gilmour.

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