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Sophomore infielder Alex Skinkis and the Virginia softball team welcomes ACC and cross-state rival Virginia Tech to The Park this weekend for a three-game series. The Cavaliers and Hokies will play a doubleheader at 4 p.m Friday and conclude the series at 12 p.m. Saturday. Skinkis, a native of La Palma, Calif., recently caught up with to talk about playing the Hokies, her move from second base to shortstop and what she likes to do for fun.

Question: Big rivalry weekend with Virginia Tech at home.
Tech is always good and there will always be a rivalry between us, and we’ll always want to beat them. Having come from the west coast, there was no rivalry there for me from the beginning, so I just look at them as another ACC team. The rivalry has been instilled in me, so to speak, because its Virginia Tech, but they’re just another ACC team; they’re good like all the rest. We have to just do our thing.

Question: How would you describe the season up to this point in time?
It’s been full of a lot of ups and downs. We started out on such a high, especially with a strong finish last season, faltered a little, but I feel like were getting back in our stride and even when we lost to Delaware State there was never a doubt that we were going to come back and win.

Question: How have you changed as a player since arriving on Grounds as a first year?
I definitely say I’ve matured a lot, as cliché as that sounds. Second year you’re a little older you’re a little wiser, you know your body will be tired throughout the season and that the games are long, but you push through and do your thing. Moving to shortstop wasn’t that big of a deal because I had played there forever. It’s is a little more of a leadership role, especially since all of our infield is first years. So with that added dynamic I just have to make sure we’re all on the same page. They’re very mature but its good for them to have some experience back there. I’m young too, still.

Question: How did you end up at UVa?
Being on the east coast on such a historic campus, it just felt way different. I love the red brick and the white columns, and the fact that Coach Schmidt was building a program I wanted to be a part of.

Question: What is your major?
I am looking at the Comm School and if that doesn’t work out then maybe economics.

Question: What has been your favorite class at UVa?
Leadership Across Disciplines. It’s a Comm class I’m taking now. Professor Bateman is awesome. You study different cases of leadership in various roles like C.E.O’s, presidents, generals, and you look at how each one leads differently, what works and what doesn’t.

Question: What do you like to do for fun?
In the summer when I am at home, I go to the beach and skim board, long board, we just go to the beach. This summer I will spend a lot of time at a rock climbing gym.

Skinkis’ Favorites
Places on Grounds:
Ascliche, The Lawn and Brooks Hall
Shawshank Redemption
Subject to Study:
Place to Travel:
Music Artist:
Jack Johnson
Better Together by Jack Johnson
TV Show:
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

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