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Today was our first official day of preseason! Today we went over the essential things like meetings with compliance, viewing and trying on our issued gear (which we call volleyball Christmas), media day full of pictures, pictures and more pictures, and then finally a very nice team dinner to top off the busy day. With this being my fourth and final time to experience the first day it was kind of weird, but at the same time it felt so very right. I’m confident that my fourth and final year will be the best so far! The longest part of the day was taking all of the pictures. With the pictures it always gets competitive about whose class will come up with the most creative ideas. I could give you all of the details but you’ll just have to wait until they are posted on the website! All I will say is the fourth-years won! 😉

All of the waiting and preparation is done now and tomorrow is our first day of practice!

Go ‘Hoos!!

Simone Asque #11

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