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During this morning’s session we worked on a lot of defense and some serve receive passing. The team split up into groups and passed off of a serving machine and live off of a coach’s serve. The last drill of the morning was splitting onto two courts and doing a serve receive drill. The passers had to get 12 points and the points were based off of how well they passed. If it was a perfect pass they got three points and if it was a shank or over the net it was a zero. The session was fun and we worked on a lot of serve receive and passing.

For lunch, we had Foods of all Nations and met with sports psychologist Jim Bauman. He came in and discussed some different things with our team. We went over some characteristics of how we want our team to be. After discussing these characteristics, our team went outside and did a team builder. We had to get balls across a channel into a bucket on the other side. It was hard at first, but we stayed calm and changed our strategy and ended up being successful. We learned that our team has to work together and stay focused.

This afternoon, the team started off warmup with cross court pepper and read react blocking. We worked on our defense and how to set up when the other team is out of system. The afternoon also consisted of serve and pass. We work on a lot of serve and pass because we want our team to be a great serving and passing team. The team then split up by position and worked on some hitting with the setters. The outsides worked on mixing up their shots and learning where to place the ball on a hit. The last drill of the afternoon was six on six. We worked on siding out and then out of system defense.

After practice the team showered up and went to ice bath! Ice bath is my favorite! It helps so much with soreness and aches and pains that come during preseason and working out. The team had the night off since the coaches went to dinner with the fourth years, so everyone split up into groups and went to dinner together. Having the night off was nice and I got to bed very early for the next session that we have in the morning! GO HOOS!

Tobi Farrar #17

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