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Today we went back to work! We started off with our dynamic warm-up and did position work this morning. The outsides and liberos did passing reps and drills while the middles and right sides worked on our blocking footwork and reading the setter. During the middle part of morning practice we did three defensive stations that focused on floor moves, seam responsibilities and balancing the court. We finished off the morning practice with full team defense.

For lunch we got to construct our own sandwiches. During break we came home and had our electricity back (the whole team had no power all of yesterday because of the storm last night). We all got to spend break in the AC! In the afternoon session we did more special groups (middles blocking and hitting, outsides and bros passing) and everybody worked on blocking before we reconvened and played six-on-six.

After practice we met up with strength coaches Bill (Miller) and Ryan (Tedford) and had our heavy day of lift, power cleans and back squats. Squats were hard but knowing we were going to get Chipotle afterwards was exciting! We have another day of doubles tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Hillary Trebels #16

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