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Today we had an unexpected morning session off! We have been working so hard the past two weeks so the break was really nice. Instead of a morning session, we came in to watch film in the locker room at 10:30 a.m. We watched a comparison of scrimmages from the week before vs. the day before. There was such a difference in our playing! This was really informative as Coach Maes would often pause the tape and point out things we needed to work on or good plays that were made. We also took notes throughout in our binder so we could reflect on what we had learned later on.

Then we discussed our responses to questions Coach had asked us at dinner the night before. He asked what six things we had learned at practice that day, who we thought played well in practice and how we
respond to errors either by ourselves or by our teammates. It was interesting to hear everyone’s responses and to get input on what they were thinking.

Our afternoon session was still scheduled and it was our hardest practice yet. We played a lot of offensive drills and worked on siding out. Later we scrimmaged but our point earnings were based on how good
the passes were during the play. Three points for a perfect pass, two for a good pass, one for an okay pass. It was a lot of work and sweat, but we definitely improved throughout the practice. Ice bath after felt amazing!!

Morgan Blair #10

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