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We had a very productive day of practice! This morning we focused a lot on serving and passing. We also ran through our defensive schemes and did self-stat serving. Everyone is working really hard in the gym and it is definitely paying off.

After first session we had lunch in Lady Astor and we had Jim Bauman, the new sports psychologist talk to us about how to find your confidence and how to get yourself out of a “slump” if you find yourself in one. Being a student-athlete can be tough at times so it’s nice to have someone to teach us how to deal with the stress or pressure that we may come across.

In our second session today we did our defensive floor moves and we played five-on-five and also got into some six-on-six play as well. After practice we had lift and then we had Outback Steakhouse for dinner which was yummy! Lee decided to give us the morning session off tomorrow because we did such a good job at practice today!

It will be nice to have the extra couple of hours to sleep in so we will be fresh for the evening practice tomorrow!

Rachel Gray #2

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