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Classes started today!

Charlottesville is alive with new first years on Grounds. They are met by all the returning students, and the town and school are alive with energy and activity. Everyone is very excited for the start of classes and a new beginning.

Our players did not practice today so that everyone could be focused on school and academics. We met as a team, however, with our academic advisor Kristina Bethea, and the girls were very excited about their classes and getting to see all their friends again. All of our girls are interested in different areas of study, it is fun to hear them talk about their classes. These are bright young people and their courses range from physics, biology and calculus to art history and music. Wow! These are impressive student-athletes.

By the way, we have only TWO practices left until our first game against Western Michigan on Friday at 7 p.m. in Mem Gym. (I mention those details just in case you want to come and watch some amazing volleyball!)

The coaching staff is very pleased with how hard the girls have been working! Training has been very efficient and productive. The girls are ready to take on the season and “beast” our opponents!

Make sure you stop by a game and see our girls in action. You will be impressed!


Marritt Cafarchia – Assistant Coach

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