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Virginia vs. Southern Mississippi
Sept. 24, 2010
Virginia Player Quotes

Sophomore quarterback Michael Rocco
On his performance:
“I just feel like I need to shake it off and go again. I made some decisions that I wish I could take back, but I can’t. You’ve just got to move on.”

On being roughed up by the Southern Miss defense:
“You’ve got to expect that you’re going to get hit a little bit, and it happened today. I’ve got to shake it off and move on.”

On first interception:
“I got hit a little bit as I threw. If I could’ve gotten it off a little quicker, it would’ve been a touchdown. I just undercut it. I got hit on the play, and it’s no excuse to throw the ball into coverage.”

Senior wide receiver Kris Burd
On close loss:
“Any loss is frustrating, especially when it comes down to the wire like that. In the locker room, we just talked about finishing on the other side. We had a lot of close losses last year. We’ve got to become a new team and a better team this year and take it as a learning lesson.”

On last play:
“I dropped it. What it boils down to is that I’m a fifth year senior and a leader on this team and I’ve just got to make that play. I should’ve made that play. It’s a play the team expects me to make, and I just should’ve made it.”

On David Watford:
“I feel like he came in great. In a high-pressure situation and him being a freshman, it’s a nerve-wrecking thing. I felt like he kept us composed and he executed.”

On how the team can improve:
“Whenever we lose a game, we look at the little things and figure out what exactly it is that we need to work on. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow when we get in the film room, the coaches are going to break it down and let us know the small things we need to improve on.”
Virginia vs. Southern Miss
Sept. 24, 2011
Virginia Player Quotes

Freshman quarterback David Watford
On receiving extensive playing time:

“It felt good getting extended playing time. I think I could have played better; I just tried to make plays and score points so we could win the game. In the end I didn’t make enough plays. We have a lot of stuff to work on. We are going to be motivated for next week; we are going to come out harder than we did this week. At the end of the day we just have to make more plays.”

On how he felt when he got in:
“I felt good but I felt like I could have done better. I felt like we left points on the field, points that would have helped us win the game. It felt good to be out there but it’s a work in progress I would say.”

On his fourth quarter touchdown drive:
“Coach Lazor made some great play calls for me and I just went in and executed. The receivers ran good routes, the linemen blocked, and we were determined to points on the board, nothing could stop us.”

On the 4th-and-4 play late in the fourth quarter:
“I felt we definitely would have scored had we completed the 4th-and-4. I should have thrown a better ball to (Kris) Burd. He catches mostly everything and I put the blame on me. It wasn’t his fault. I should have put the ball in front of him. He had to stop and come back for the ball but if we had completed that, we would have definitely scored a touchdown.”

Junior linebacker Steve Greer
On matching up against Southern Mississippi’s multiple receiver sets:
“We kind of change the coverage when they do that. As the game went on we got better at executing after we saw it a couple of times.”

On Coach London’s message after the game:
“Everyone was really upset about this loss. We have to take this feeling and use it as fuel. I think Coach wanted us all to remember what this feels like so we don’t feel this way again.”

On whether Virginia should have won:
“I don’t want to go out and say that, but we had a lot of opportunities and we have to take advantage of our opportunities. We have to make sure we are executing, especially defensively.”

Junior linebacker LaRoy Reynolds
On the inability to stop big plays:
“I feel like we learned a lot coming from last year and we are older players now. A lot of the mistakes we are making are mental errors and we can’t really have them. All we can really do is go back to the drawing board, go back to practice, and get better next week. We let this one slip away; we gave up too many big plays. This one hurt so we just have to get back to it and work harder.”

On Southern Mississippi’s conversion on 3rd-and-23 in the fourth quarter:
“They run this screen play off of a sprint so it is coming back, but they pulled the entire defense one way and then brought it back the other way. It is a difficult play, but we should have been able to stop it. For a fact we should have been able to stop it. I was there to make the play and just didn’t make it so I’ll take the blame for that one.”

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