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Members of the Virginia women’s basketball team have been blogging this summer and fall as part of the feature ‘Inside The Huddle’. This week, senior Chelsea Shine checks in with about the start of practice and a recent trip to Fluvanna Middle School.

Hey Cavalier Fans!

T-minus-three days before we officially start the 2011-2012 season! We’re all so excited and I know you are too! I’ve run into some fans around Charlottesville these past couple of weeks and I can already tell you’re just as anxious to get started as we are.

It’s been a busy start to the semester between preseason, classes and that thing we like to pretend we have time for – a social life – but it almost feels like it’s flying by at the same time! Somehow it’s my fourth year and I’m finding myself grasping onto every little detail, every sprint, every game of pick up, every moment I get to spend with my teammates. I want to make this the best year and most memorable journey yet.

As we get ready to start this season, which marks the beginning of a new era for Virginia women’s basketball, one of the things we’ve been doing is visiting different schools to hang out with the kids not only to promote the team and the new staff but to share with them what it looks like to be a student-athlete at the collegiate level.

Last week Lexie, Telia and I went out to Fluvanna Middle School and got a chance to talk to the girls basketball team. We talked about how tough it is to earn a scholarship, but encouraged them that by working hard and staying committed they could all have the same opportunity someday to play in college. They were a great group of girls and we’re hoping to see them out at some of our games! We’ve got more visits planned for the upcoming weeks and I’m excited to reach out to the younger kids and athletes in our community!

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