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Virginia vs. Idaho
Oct. 1, 2011
Idaho Head Coach Robb Akey Quotes

On Idaho responding to adversity:
“We’ve talked about that an awful lot and we needed to battle tonight and throughout the course of the game. Our players did. In all three phases of the game, we did good things. They all made a commitment to each other and the man in the mirror, and they got after it. I’m very disappointed we did not get the job finished here tonight, but I’m proud as hell of this football team and the way that they fought. I’m not happy because I felt like we had the opportunity. We went for the win. That is what we came here to do. I’m proud of the fact that we are gaining ground and I’m anxious to move forward.”

On going for the two-point conversion:
“It’s a done deal. No doubt about it.”

On the Vandal players making plays in all three phases of the game:
“We were fighting our tails off and I thought our guys in all three phases of the game did exactly what you just talked about. We got ourselves in the situation that we were in. We were behind and we weren’t supposed to come down here in ACC country anyways and be able to do anything. We had momentum on our side and we had a good thing rolling. Again, I asked my players to go out there and lay it on the line every single play. I told them if they could lay it on the line every single play, they can look at the man in the mirror at the end of the game and be proud of what they did, and they did it. I can’t coach them anyway different so we needed to go out there and go after it. My only disappointment was that we didn’t make the play at the end of the game.”

On being able to run the football:
“We executed better today. Different things happened off and on but we didn’t let anything freak us out. Again, players in each phase of the game made good things happen. We made game changing plays happen and continued to bang away at things, and put ourselves in a situation to be able to win a game.”

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