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Quarterback Tevin Washington

On anticipating a loss:
“No, I didn’t see a loss coming. I knew we needed to play better than we have the past three weeks; we needed to execute and do all we needed to do offensively to put ourselves in a position to win. But we showed up to play.”

On the called back touchdown and penalties:
“It took some momentum away from us, but we kept fighting. I think that for the most part everyone’s effort was good, and we tried to do whatever we could to get the win.”

On the pregame preparation:
“Going into the game I don’t think we were as sharp as we needed to be, but for the most part we came out here and wanted to win.”

On the cause of the loss:
“As the offense, I take full responsibility for it. We had the opportunity to come out and win the game with those last two drives, and we sputtered. With passing, I got a little rattled out there a couple times, but it’s a team thing. We have to do a better job as an offense, throwing the ball and catching. We didn’t complete the drives and get the first downs that we needed. We put ourselves in the position to win the game, and we didn’t do it.”

On being outmatched:
“No, I don’t think we were shut down. I think that we just didn’t execute well. We got stopped on drives and I had some misreads and missed checks. For the most part, we killed ourselves. Georgia Tech stopped Georgia Tech today.”

Cornerback Rod Sweeting
On the defense:
“When a team can come out and run the ball like they did, it can be hard for us to win. They executed, they were well prepared, and they ran the ball down our throat all day.”

On Virginia’s performance:
“I wasn’t surprised at all. They came at full speed, and what we saw today is what we had seen on film. We just couldn’t execute.”

On the preparation:
“I felt our preparation was good, but I don’t think we were mentally prepared. I don’t think we were overconfident, we knew that it would be a fight to the end today. In the end, they won the fight today.”

On the loss:
“We are hurting. This loss is a conference loss, so it’s tougher. This week we just have to prepare harder and get ready for Miami.”

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