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Junior cornerback Chase Minnifield

On how much the bye week helped:
“It helped tremendously. I don’t know if we get this outcome without the bye week. It is such an assignment-based offense so you really have to be on key and on point. We practiced hard an you could tell by the results that we were ready for this game.”

On how it feels to have a win over a ranked opponent:
“I feel great, I’m ready to go on to the next week. It’s one game at a time to reach our goal.”

On where this game ranks in his personal wins:
“This is a big win, Miami last year was a big win. I can’t remember them all, but it’s up there.”

Junior running back Perry Jones
On how successful the counter was today:
“It helped us out a lot, it’s a change up. You hit the defense up the middle and take it outside a few times then come back with the counter. It’s a different look that the defense isn’t ready for.”

On how the win feels:
“It’s definitely exciting, I’m just happy for my teammates. They worked hard all week and I’m happy for them. We are going to enjoy this tonight and maybe tomorrow, then Monday it is time to move on.”

On where this win ranks in his career:
“It’s definitely the biggest win of my career, but I’m hoping to have wins bigger than this.”

On whether this wins changes the perception of the program:
“It definitely helps recruiting wise and for the future. This is definitely big for the program.”

Sophomore quarterback Michael Rocco
On coming back after his interception:
“I just tried to lead my team. I tried to turn the page and move on; our offense did a great job of picking me up and powering the ball in the run game. I give credit to our offensive line and our defense for a great victory tonight.”

On Virginia’s running backs:
“We have some great running backs and I give credit to all of them tonight. They can run the ball great and all are great pass catchers. Perry, Kevin, and Clifton did a great job for us tonight.”

On the atmosphere after the game:
“It was a great atmosphere tonight. I give credit to our student body and our fans for coming out. It was a great win for us and I’m proud of our defense and offensive line for completely dominating the game tonight. We had two weeks to get ready for this game and we did a great job preparing.”

On how much the bye week helped:
“It did tremendous things for our defense especially, they got to work on the cut blocks, the misdirection, and the offense for two weeks straight. We proved that it paid off today. Our offense did a great job running the ball, our offensive line, receivers, and tight ends did a great job blocking, and our running backs got it up in there. It was a great team effort tonight.”

Offensive Tackle Oday Aboushi
On the win as a whole:
“There are so many ways to remember it [the win]. From the way the defense played, our offense stepped up, the special teams came in and boosted this win. As a whole, this is the reason why they call it a team. This is why we work really hard every day for it.”

On Coach London’s comments about this being a win that changes the perception of a program:
“I think that’s a great way of saying it. A great team like Georgia Tech, coming in a top-25 team, 6-0, undefeated, to beat them is a great honor let alone a huge confidence booster for us. This just goes to show if we are as good as we can be we can come out on top.”

On comparing win to last season’s win over Miami:
“This win started fast. We had to hit them fast and hit them often and keep pressing the gas and that’s what we did.”

On having second week to prepare:
“It definitely helped. The way they run the ball and play defense, it definitely helped us big time let alone it helped out bodies rest too.”

On using this win later in the season:
“We just need to keep remembering how it feels to win against a top-25 team and our fans rushing the field. You just have to keep it in your memory and work hard.”

Linebacker Steve Greer
On UVa’s rush defense throughout the game against Washington:
“We talked about that before the game, even after watching the Maryland game. Coach said we want to make him beat us. So that was kind of the game plan, make him keep the ball and make him beat us.”

On performance against Washington:
“He had some nice runs in. With his 26 runs he’s bound to have some pretty nice runs. But the defense did a great job.”

On his own performance:
“We always talk about ball hawking and getting a lot of guys to the ball. Many times we have multiple guys on the same assignment. A lot of guys did good jobs beating blocks and helping guys out and bringing the ball carrier down.”

On performance compared with GT game last year:
“I’m just really proud of the guys. They executed the game plan. Coach Reed had an awesome game plan. It’s just exciting to have all the guys operating on a high level like that.”

On excitement at end when Rocco took a knee:
“It was really satisfying. The defense was getting ready just in case we had to go back out again. The offense did an awesome job all day moving the ball and the defense executed well so it’s fun when the team’s clicking like that.”

Defensive Tackle Matt Conrath
On extra time for preparation:
“I really think it was the scheme coach had for us. This year we had two weeks to prepare for them and it really showed.”

On benefit of that extra week:
“It would have made it harder. They throw so much at you and everyone has to be sound fundamentally and we had a lot of time to work on that.”

On playing against GT’s offense:
“It was kind of fun to play against them honestly. I had a lot of fun out there.”

On plan to keep ball in Washington’s hands:
“We were just doing our job. Every play, someone has someone and I think we did a good job of that.”

On GT’s frustration level in the game, especially toward the end:
“We weren’t really focusing on them. We were focusing on our jobs and every play what we had to do.”

On Jacob Hodges running the scout team:
“It was great. He said he had experience just running the option in high school and he, along with the offensive line, did a great job all week of getting us prepared.”

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