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Virginia vs. NC State
Oct. 22, 2011
NC State Player Quotes

Redshirt freshman wide receiver Bryan Underwood
On stepping up:

“Everybody was telling me during pregame and last night just to focus in and it’s your time to shine. Just try to stay calm and collective and remember my assignments.”

On each touchdown scored:
“Well on the first touchdown I saw the safety, so I knew where he was and I just continued to run up field. Mike (Glennon) saw me open and there was a touchdown. The second one got me. It was an out route. I jumped up and didn’t expect to continue running. I guess he thought he had me out of bounds and I was able to keep my balance and continue to run. I was shocked that I did it.”

On going up against the Virginia defense being ranked eighth:
“The thing is we have a good playbook. Our coach calls good plays and we practice very hard on any defense. We practice and execute all week. There is nothing we can’t do if we focus on it.”

On having more than 100 yards receiving:
“It is a dream come true. It is completely shocking and it is something to build off for the rest of the season.”

On dropping the ball early in the game:
“Everybody was just telling me to continue to make plays and let that one go. I promised them all I had and I just delivered.”

Senior wide receiver T.J. Graham
On the win:

“It feels good. Coach (O’Brien) said we just had to come out here and win one game at a time and that is the first step to making it to a bowl game. We came out here, focused on this one game and executed. We had a good defensive game and offense did very well the first half.”

On teammate Bryan Underwood getting some playing time today:
“At practice he is known for being the weak dud. I have been in his ear the whole time and trying to get him ready for this and clearly it has worked. I was more excited for him than I was for myself.”

On drops by receivers early on:
“You get that one opportunity and you fail but you know you are going to get that second time. So, most of the time you just tell Mike (Glennon) to keep throwing it back and we will catch it next time. There is no excuse for drops, but as long as you continue to build off it and let it go, you will grow.

On going up against the eighth-ranked Virginia defense:
“We scheme every team that we play but we have to find the holes. They have some pretty good players back there and today they made plays. But we also made plays.”

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