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Maryland CoachRandy Edsall

Opening statement:
“We’re disappointed that we had it 14-13 at halftime, and we weren’t able to generate enough in the second half to put it in the victory column. We had five turnovers and were 3 of 13 on third down. We gave up some big plays, that didn’t allow us to do what we wanted to do today and get a victory. I feel bad for the seniors, not being able to go out with a win. I thought the crowd was good today. It is disappointing that we didn’t come away with a win.”

On switching quarterbacks:
“I don’t thing switching quarterbacks adversely affected us. It was our plan to put in C.J. (Brown) in the second quarter. I think that Danny (O’Brien) moved the team down the field and then we stalled and had to kick a field goal. When we made the move to put C.J. in we went down and scored a touchdown. We had some things that happened, and as the game went along we decided to play the guys that we played.”

On the dropped passes:
“I haven’t had a chance to watch the film yet, but I think we had a couple that our guys took their eyes off the ball. It is one of those things where you have to have you eye on it until you tuck it. Maybe some of the throws weren’t exactly where the ball was supposed to be, but anything in the framework of your body we expect them to catch it. We do ball drills during practice. We work on looking the ball in and going back to the ball. We work on everything you need to do to catch the ball.”

On whether the drive-stalling changed momentum:
“I don’t think it changed the momentum. We just weren’t able to come back and make some plays. A couple of times on the play-action passes we didn’t get enough guys dropping back into coverage. It was just a situation that we scored points and went up early. I don’t think that one stop changed the momentum in the game.”

On the focus the rest of the season:
“We aren’t going to slog through anything. We are going to go out there, play hard and work to get better. We are going to be even more determined to get better. One of our goals is gone from this year (making a bowl game). But, it is all up to us to go out there and work to get better. That is exactly what we are going to do. It is disappointing but we have to go and get better.”

On what went wrong today:
“It is just execution. When we execute you can see what happens. We had a guy wide open on the first drive and the sun got in his eyes. There were things that we did out there but there were things that we didn’t make. That has been the story of the season. The big play against us on defense has hurt us all year long on defense. Not being able to make plays offensively hurts us as well.”

On playing A.J. Hendy and Trenton Hughes:
“The thing we have been trying to do all year is play best players. Regardless of their year we have played the best players. That is what will continue to be until the end of the season. Today we got A.J. Hendy and Trenton Hughes both went in and played. Whoever is the best guy is going to be in there. We aren’t going to take anyone who we are going to redshirt and burn their redshirt. We don’t really have anyone else on our roster that hasn’t been playing who will be getting in there.”

On keeping the players positive:
“I don’t think that anyone checked out today. These young men know that we have Notre Dame next week and we are going to play as hard as we can. Every game from here on out we are going to keep playing as hard as we can. As long as we have games to play we are going to keep going out there to get better. That is all we can do. It is all of us working together to find how we can get better and going out to get it done.”

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