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Maryland Players
Sophomore QuarterbackDanny O’Brien
On the loss:
“[Being bowl ineligible is] very frustrating, and it’s something we never imagined. We definitely didn’t imagine preseason, but here we are. I think the worst thing about it was losing this game for the seniors, being their last game at Byrd Stadium. It was really emotional, and on top of that, losing to Virginia. That’s the last team you want to lose to, so it was really bad.”

On Virginia’s defense:
“They did mix some things up. I thought they did a nice job of mixing up their pressures. The first pick kind of made us hot; it gave us a look we hadn’t seen. It was just the fade out concept – they got us on that one. They did a good job on third down mixing it up, whether it was me or C.J. [Brown] in there. They did a good job, so I credit them, but at the same time, there were a lot of plays to be made on our side of the ball that we didn’t make.”

Senior Defensive Lineman Maurice Hampton
On the loss:
“I feel like with great teams, sometimes you have ups and downs, and things aren’t exactly cohesive. All we can do is hold our heads up, keep working. We still have a season to finish out, and we need to work as hard as possible to know next year is going to be different.”

On being bowl ineligible:
“Nobody has to say anything about that. We only have a few games left. As a senior, you’ve got to play every game and every play like it’s your last.”

On being 2-7:
“This is not a 2-7 team. This is not a 2-10 team. This is a team that’s supposed to be winning. It comes out and it works hard. Everybody has been working harder every week to do the right thing. They’re coming together, things just keep happening, things don’t work together just yet. All I can say is, give it some time. Just know that we’re all working, we’re all holding our heads up and we’re going to keep trying to do the right thing.”

Sophomore Quarterback C.J. Brown
On the coaches:
“The coaches are always looking out for what’s best for the team. We have all of our confidence in them and what they tell us to do is what we’re going to do.”

On sharing play time with Danny O’Brien:
“It’s difficult, but you have to prepare to go in and do what you can do. Unfortunately today wasn’t one of those days that was easy to stay warm and stay loose.”

On sharing play time with Danny O’Brien:
“Danny and I have a great understanding of what is going on and we’re pulling for each other. The team’s goal is to get a win, so we’re doing what we can to support each other and score points.”

On what to do now:
“You have to just keep getting better. We’re going to look at the film and see the missed opportunities on the field and we have to take advantage of that. The season isn’t over. We still have three more games. We have a great game next weekend against Notre Dame.”

Junior Safety Eric Franklin
On the team’s elimination from bowl contention:
“We still want to win every game and finish with the best record we can.”

On the team’s morale:
“We’re hungry for a win. We haven’t won in over a month. I know all of the guys want to win really badly so we’re going to do what we can to do that.”

Senior Wide Receiver Quintin McCree
On playing with two different quarterbacks:
“It’s a different kind of rotation, speed and play calling, so it’s difficult but in the end we still have to come out and win.”

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