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Virginia Players
Junior Running Back Perry Jones
On becoming bowl-eligible:
“Coming into this game we tried not to think about that too much. We didn’t want to let the past two or three years effect now. It’s good that we are bowl eligible, but we are still trying to look for more wins. The bowl is secondary right now; our primary goal is to continue to get wins.”

On the team’s confidence going forward:
“A win like this, to become bowl eligible, it’s definitely a confidence booster for the whole team just to know that we can hang with the best of them. We’ve just got to keep getting better from here.”

On responding to losing the early lead:
“We knew they were going to come out here and give us their best game. One thing Coach London talked about was withstanding the blow they were going to give us. We knew they were going to come out swinging and it was just up to us to hold on and keep going forward.”

Sophomore Quarterback Michael Rocco
On the touchdown right before halftime:
“It was a hot read for me, so I just held onto the ball until the last second and let KP [Kevin Parks] make a move and hit him in the open space”

On the quick start:
“It was a big deal. Unfortunately, we kind of wavered a little bit in the first quarter. Our offense is resilient and we came out and scored again right before half and then put it on them in the second half”

Senior Safety Rodney McLeod
On the overall team effort to become bowl-eligible:
“It’s a great feeling, Coach London tried to shy away from it, but as players you know that six wins gets you bowl eligible. We came out here and we executed and now we’re bowl eligible. Now it’s about how far we want to go as a team. We’re going to continue to get better each week.”

On the mood of the team going into halftime:
“The mood was that we did a great job in the first half, but we could do better. We knew in the second half that as long as we came out and played UVA style ball, we’ll come out victorious”

On how far the team can go:
“The sky’s the limit. It’s just about how we play each and every week. It’s all about preparation throughout the week. We had a great week, and you saw it showed today”

On his three interceptions:
“I just had a magnet today. A lot of great calls though. I made plays when they came to me”

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