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Appalachian State at Virginia
Nov. 11, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
On the overall performance of her team:

“I think the girls came out and did a great job. The first couple of games are really hard because you don’t have scouting reports so you are relying on information from last year. We have spent a ton of time on ourselves. It has paid off for us. I thought they did a much better job this game in making adjustments in the game and it paid off for us. We are always going to grind it out on the defensive end of the floor and maybe one day we will be a pretty offensive team, but we are definitely a work in progress.

On Appalachian State:
“They lost a lot from last year. I thought they would have pressed us a little bit more tonight. They mainly sat in a zone and it took a little bit longer for us to get started than I had hoped to get started but I thought we were just grinding it out and Lexie [Gerson] came in and hit two 3’s and then she kind of blew it open and then our defense picked up and we were off to the races.

On the Defense:
“We are always trying to be as aggressive as we can in both of the zones. We trapped at times on the baseline and other times we let them have and made them think about a little bit of what we were doing. I will take what we got.”

Senior Forward Chelsea Shine
On the season-opening win:
“After playing Alaska Anchorage last week, we had a lot of time to prepare for Appalachian State and I think we really took a lot from that Alaska Anchorage game. We were challenged in a lot of ways, both individually and collectively as a team. It felt good to be out there and play, and it felt good to be out there in transition as you saw in the second half. It was easy, fun and flowing. We were just playing basketball. Everybody got to play and everybody contributed. This year it is going to be really important and Coach [Boyle] is always telling us if you are in the starting five you go in there and set the tone and you are coming off the bench you have to maintain that or raise it to another level. I thought we did a good job with that tonight.”

Sophomore Forward Jazmin Pitts
On her performance:
“I took the last week as a challenge. This past week in practice I just played all out and as best I could. I got a chance to play this week and I treated every play like it was my last.”

Appalachian State Head Coach Darcie Vincent
On her team’s performance:
“This was the last way I expected to play the game tonight. There’s a reason why these players are at the ACC level, and we know that. But we’re way better of an executing team than we were tonight. It’s literally an argument of who was worse tonight – which end of the court. We didn’t execute well on the defensive end, we didn’t make the coverages, we didn’t slide well, we didn’t move our feet well. I think we could’ve had to force them into a quicker game, and we didn’t do that. We didn’t box out. They run the floor extremely well. They get down there. We knew that the guards would come down and take some forced shots. We had that going in the first half – their guards weren’t shooting the ball extremely well. But their post players were cleaning it up. We brought all that effort to force a bad shot and then you don’t get in there and box out.”

On not being able to counter with a run:
“We didn’t shoot the ball well. I don’t know if we didn’t shoot it with confidence or if we just didn’t shoot the ball well. In the first half, we had some nice, easy lay-ups that could have gone down and they didn’t. As a whole, we just couldn’t get it together as a team.”

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