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“It was a catch to us and it wasn’t a first down either so because of that the clock should continue to run and it ran out. Their sideline started challenging the fact that they didn’t catch it and that it was an incomplete pass. An incomplete pass and there should be one second on the clock or if they caught the pass and it was a first down they should be allowed to get to the line of scrimmage and do one play and that was their last kick right there. When they lined up to kick – and I have never heard this before – it was disconcerting signals. We are lining up in desperado trying to block a field goal so our outside guys are moving inside to tighten up to get on the guard, to get in the gaps and try to get push and because we move in like that that’s where the signal came from and they moved five yards up closer.

“I have never been involved in a game like that – and before that – the facemask on Cam (Johnson) I don’t know if he grabbed the facemask if he did then he did but it was the last player there because it was fourth down.

“It was a great win for the program – for the players and coaches. It was kind of like a David and Goliath type of thing. It talks about David – he picked up the stones and ran towards Goliath. When you play a great team like Florida State you can’t sit back on your laurels, you can’t sit and wait to see what’s going to happen because they are a tremendous team with tremendous athletes. What you have to do is run right at them and just everything we tried to do was game planned on just trying to not be timid, to run the ball and they stopped us running the ball – the best defense in the ACC and fourth in the country so we had to throw the ball. We just found ways to win the game on both sides, all three phases. You can see why we try to kick away from Greg Reid – if you kick to him – he has done it against everybody – everybody team they have played. He’s a phenomenal talent. They key was to try to get it away from him.

“Coming into a place like this — it’s got great college football tradition – and win like this, it might be one of the best wins I’ve been involved with in my whole coaching career including the championship at Richmond.”

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