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The Virginia rowing team takes an annual training trip to Florida in preparation for the spring season. This year, a different senior will check in each day with to give insight to how the trip is going. Saturday’s (Jan. 7) entry is from Sarah Borchelt (Sterling, Mass.).

Hello Wahoo Community!

Tonight marks the end of our first full day here in Deland, Florida! We are spending 9 days here at the Hontoon Landing Resort & Marina on the St. John’s River for our winter training trip. This includes lots of rowing, running, body circuits, and of course, sleeping and eating. It has been so great being back with the team and catching up on winter break. After a trip to Wal-Mart yesterday to stock up on groceries, we have finally settled in for the daily grind.

A typical day consists of 2 on-the-water practices and a mid-day, 30-minute body circuit or run. The rows usually last about 2 hours. After being off the water for about 2 months, we are quickly adjusting to the feel of being in a boat again, and we are gradually working towards longer, more competitive practices. As coach Kevin (Sauer) reminded us today, there is no denying that fitness is crucial to success in this sport, and we are here to get fit and get fast. Everyone seems motivated for the spring season, and I am personally very excited to get started!

Today’s work, however, was a little different than the average day. Every year, at the beginning of this trip we take a “fitness test” to evaluate who has stayed in shape… and who hasn’t. The test is a 4k row on the erg, which takes about 15 minutes, and then a run. This year we ran 2.5 miles, winding our way back to Hontoon from Stetson University’s boathouse, where we borrowed ergs for the test. The whole ordeal was tiring, but it definitely holds us accountable for our individual performance while we are away from the team. We did this in between two rowing practices, so everyone was ready for bed early tonight! We’re back on the water at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, so until tomorrow…

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