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The Virginia rowing team takes an annual training trip to Florida in preparation for the spring season. This year, a different senior will check in each day with to give insight to how the trip is going. Friday’s (Jan. 13) entry is from Chelsea Simpson (Carlisie, Pa.).

Hello Avid Followers!

Good evening from the beautiful (cold and cloudy), Deland, Florida! If anyone has checked the weather down here it has dropped about 10 degrees (but, feels much colder!) since yesterday, and isn’t looking much better for the remainder of our trip.

It is getting to the point in our trip where there is not much left to say. This morning the coaches gave us the luxury of sleeping for an extra hour! At 8:00 a.m., we started our warm-up, with Sarah Jordan leading an intense core session and by 8:20 a.m., we were on the water to begin our morning row. This morning we launched in a fleet of fours and eights. The fours set out for some seat racing (race pieces), while the eights set out on journey to find the end of the world. Unfortunately, after rowing for one hour and ten minutes away from our new home, Hontoon Landing Resort and Marina, we had not found the end of the world – so we turned around and headed back to Hontoon Landing.

As you know, between water practices we all either completed a run or the (much more difficult than years past) body circuit. Then after a few naps and a couple meals, we launched for our second on-the-water practice for the day. This afternoon we launched, again, in an armada of eights and fours. Thankfully, for our bodies and mental stability, we had a quick row with some drills. Coach Steve declared our take-home message for the afternoon was: “Toughen Up!”

After our afternoon row we sprinted for the showers, and jumped on the bus to Stetson University Dining Hall for dinner. Once we returned to Hontoon Landing we all either saw Keith for treatments or retreated to our rooms for a second (or maybe, even third) dinner. Sadly, tomorrow is the last full day of our training trip – I wonder what the coaches have in store for us…

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