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Junior guard Lexie Gerson (Fort Washington, Pa.) recently checked in with to answer questions about herself and the team. Check out and for the latest news on the Cavaliers.

It seems like your role is provide a spark to the team whether you are in the starting line-up or coming off the bench. Has that always been the case?
: Absolutely. That has always been my job. When we need some kind of energy or spark it’s always been me. Usually when you start to get stops and play at a high level on the defensive end, it turns into good things for your offense.

What was your decision-making process like to play for Virginia?
: I narrowed it down to five schools and I knew I wanted to play in the ACC. The only school that wasn’t in the ACC was UConn. Then I narrowed it down further to Duke and Virginia. I wanted to go to a medium-sized school that was far enough away from home but also close enough that if anything ever happened I could go home. My parents could still come to a lot of games. And academics was a big part of it too. I was pretty much sold when I saw JPJA. The whole atmosphere and team of Virginia sold me. I was a huge Monica Wright fan, I really wanted to come here nad play with her, even if it was just for one year.

Do you come from an athletic family?
: My brother is actually the complete opposite of me in every single way. My dad was a pitcher back in the day, at Temple. He also played in the minor leagues. My brother was a lefty pitcher. I played basketball, volleyball, track, softball, co-ed baseball, soccer. I swam. I’ve done everything. I was probably a better swimmer than I am a basketball player, but I like team sports so much better. So when I got to high school, I had to decide, but I always knew I wanted to play basketball.

What do you like to do when you are not playing sports?
: When we have an off day, I usually go play sand volleyball. I love sports and I’m that kind of kid where if we’re sitting around I want to go play something.

Do you see basketball in post-graduations plans?
: If I were to get the chance to play professionally here, I would. If not, I’d like to play in Israel. I’m also interested in coaching, I’d like to stay in basketball for however long I can. It’s something I’m really passionate about.

Who are some of the people that have influenced your career so far?
: Monica Wright. She’s not only amazing on the court, she was such a great person. Playing with her I learned so much as a freshman. I’ve learned a lot this year from my new coaches and from their perspective. I always knew defense was my thing, so to have coaches agree with that is awesome.

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