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Florida State at Virginia
Jan. 29, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening statement:

“I thought the difference tonight was that we capitalized on the transition part of the game. We were getting tips and deflections, and we scored some easy baskets. That was a big difference for us tonight.”

On forcing FSU in to foul trouble:
“I won’t say that it was a conscious effort to go at her [Cierra Bravard], but we wanted to take her on. She has been in games where she has fouled early, and we wanted that. They have a short bench, they are down a guard this year, and [Alexa] Deluzio got injured in the last game. We wanted to push tempo and attack them, and I thought we did that. We forced them out of their man and they went to their zone within six or seven minutes of the start of the game.”

On not letting FSU get back in the game:
“We focused this week on staying in the game. We have had lapses in the first five minutes of the second half and finishing out games. That was a big focus for us this week. Usually we start games out well but we can lose it at times. I was really pleased that we came out and started the second half and finished the game as strongly as we did.”

On the defensive game plan:
“As long as we are getting those deflections and getting some transition, that’s good. Obviously there are times where they pick you apart a little bit inside. I thought they liked to pound it in to Bravard and they did, and we got in foul trouble because of that. When you get to focus on one player and everyone else is out of sorts, it’s a good look for us. I thought the zone was effective for us tonight.

On the team’s offense:
“I thought we executed great early, especially when they went to the zone. We struggled in the first half down the stretch, but we came back out in the second half and made some adjustments. I felt like we were getting a little stagnant, so we went from our zone offense into our man. We were trying to screen the zone, and attack a little bit more.”

On Chelsea Shine:
“We need our posts to step up. Chelsea got her hands on some balls that really gave us a second chance opportunity. She was able to save it and give us back the possession, probably four or five times. To me, that is something we need from our post day in and day out. Her aggressiveness and getting second chance points offensively was huge.”

Virginia Guard Lexie Gerson
On her role on the team:

“I’m not doing anything different. I’m just trying to fly around and bring the energy for my team. Today the back line really stepped up in their press and everyone got involved. It was really good.”

On loss of China Crosby
“Losing China [Crosby] was a really big deal. We play for China every game. We play with our number on our shoes. She’s my right-hand man. I need her to tell me what I’m doing wrong to help me out. She’s tells me if I’m jumping on defense, just the little things. She’s always present, even if she’s not with us on the court.”

On the upcoming games against North Carolina and NC State:
“I think we’re going approach it the way we approach every other game. Every game is important but we’re just going to come out, play Virginia basketball, and hopefully in the end, it will be a good result.”

Virginia guard Ariana Moorer
On driving to the basket:

“I’m just trying to create, if not for myself then for my teammates. I’m always looking to pass first, but if I can go, then I’m going to go.”

On execution late in the shot clock:
“When the shot clock is going down, we just look to penetrate. We want the ball in either my hands or Lexie [Gerson’s] hands or one of the guard’s hands. We look for a ball screen from the post and try to get to the basket.”

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