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Sophomore Erinn Thompson (Winston-Salem, N.C.) recently checked in with to answer questions about herself and the season so far. For the most up-to-date news and features on the team, check out

Question: How would you describe the season so far, specifically the first half of the Atlantic Coast Conference schedule?
: I think ‘almost there’ seems to be a theme. We have most certainly put in the time and the effort and the trust and we feel like we are on the brink. Both the players and the coaching staff feel like we are right there and looking for that one win to propel us into the rest of the season. We have yet to get it, but we’re getting closer and closer.

Question: Sunday was National Girls and Women in Sports Day. The university honored Paige Selenski and Michelle Vittese, two UVa field hockey players headed to the Olympics. What does the day mean to you?
: I have a lot of mutual friends with both Paige and Michelle and they are obviously two talented athletes. Anybody that can balance an Olympic sport while at UVa is clearly impressive. I congratulate them and wish them luck at the Olympics.

Question: What is your best advice to a younger player that is hoping for a collegiate basketball career?
: I would say fully dedicate yourself to whatever role you are assigned. Whether it’s a starter or a manager or a coach or a player that is still developing, everything is very important. Every role is important and some roles are more glamorous than others but nothing can get done without every single role.

Question: What have been some of your most memorable basketball moments?
: In high school, I was at the beach and I got a call that I had been named the North Carolina Player of the Year. It was ironic because I wasn’t the Winston-Salem Player of the Year, so there was a lot of pride in getting that. That was nice. The Florida State game last year, I got to directly contribute. This year, the Tennessee win and catching Lexie (Gerson) when she jumped after the game.

Question: How have you changed since you first arrived on Grounds?
: I’ve become a little more understanding of my purpose. I spent my first two years kind of searching for it and trying to discover it. Your purpose in life, or in basketball, is constantly changing. If I’m ever stressed out I have learned to give it to God, because it’s not my plan that’s going to happen.

Question: How would you describe Coach Boyle?
: I love her, she’s awesome. She’s very compassionate and brings an energy and an intelligence to the game. Her attitude is contagious and positive and inviting. She has embraced this program in one season. I’m really appreciative of her.

Question: Classes recently started for the spring semester. As a sociology major are there any classes or topics you are looking forward to?
: I’m in six classes this semester. One of my sociology classes is about ethics and morals and how it relates to memory.

Question: You’re a Green Bay Packers fan, but who will you be cheering for in this year’s Super Bowl?
: I guess the Patriots, to support (former UVa football players) Ras-I (Dowling) and Danny (Aiken).

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