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First year members of the Virginia softball team will be revealing 25 random facts about themselves to each week as the Cavaliers gear up for the 2012 season. Up next is outfielder Peyton Larus, who hails from Midlothian, Va. Virginia opens the year Feb. 10-12 at East Carolina’s Pirate Classic in Greenville, N.C.

1. I always thought I would do competitive cheerleading in college but chose to play softball. The first softball team I played on was full of cheerleaders and I was the pitcher.

2. I danced for nine years and did sideline and competitive cheerleading for 13 years.

3. I have an older brother, Callen, who plays football for the College of William & Mary.

4. I am addicted to stumbling.

5. I love dogs. My family currently owns one. He is a black labrador named Maddox. When I get older, I plan to get a Siberian huskie.

6. I love to take vacations, especially where there is a beach and warm weather. However, I grew up going north for the beach to the Jersey Shore.

7. I used to despise country music until I met Lauren Didlake.

8. My favorite movie is Bring It On. It never gets old.

9. Except for very infrequent trims, I didn’t get a real haircut until my freshman year of high school.

10. I could never live without Chipotle.

11. I can’t live without roller coasters. Any big coaster will do.

12. When I was younger, my bows, ribbons, and scrunchies always matched my outfit.

13. I have never actually had my own job. I just work at my mom’s office during the summer.

14. Growing up, I had a real English nanny who lived with us. She was very own Mary Poppins.

15. I have two brothers. I am stuck in between. My older brother is Callen (21), and my younger brother is Grayson (17).

16. When I danced, my favorite “musical number” was Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. We all looked like scary zombies. It had to be my absolute favorite.

17. I love scary movies and love getting scared like in “FearFests” and “Howl-O-Scream” at amusement parks.

18. I met cheerleaders from other countries including Taiwan, China, Italy, Chile, and many other countries at a cheerleading competition in Florida called the Cheerleading Worlds.

19. I love sparkly, sequined things; especially bows (I collect cheerleading bows since I stopped cheering).

20. In a ponytail, it takes 127 pirm rollers to curl my hair and a significant amount of Blue Ice hair gel.

21. My guilty pleasure is the new mini Reeses. It has the perfect amount of chocolate and peanut butter in each bite. I always thought the other Reeses sizes had a little too much peanut butter.

22. My favorite shows to watch is Jersey Shore and a new show called FaceOff on Syfy.

23. I named by GPS Sydney. Then I named my car Squirt after the little sea turtle from “Finding Nemo.”

24. My dad laughed in my face when I told him I wanted to tryout for the high school softball team freshman year and I made it. I was pulled up to varsity two weeks after tryouts. I have only played serious softball for less than four years before coming to college.

25. My favorite time of the year is summer. I love warm weather.

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