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2011-12 Virginia Basketball Postgame Quotes

February 4, 2012

#21/24 Florida State 58, #16/18 Virginia 55

Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

On a season high 20 turnovers…

“Florida State certainly defends at a high level. They’re athletic, quick, and physical. They certainly with their quality defense made us turn it over a lot of the time, but some of that is on us because we got sped up and rattled at a stretch there where if you want to be competitive or successful in a game like this, you can’t give it away. I’m sure Leonard was as frustrated with some of their turnovers as well. It was kind of guys giving it back and forth to each other.”

On what was said after the game in the locker room…

“I told our guys in the locker room after, I said, you made a statement with the kind of heart you have and the fight in you and that was good, but we also made a statement that we need to clean up some of these turnovers and be more efficient to play against a team like this because baskets aren’t easy to come by. There was a stretch where we looked really poor with turnovers and got a little worn down, but they fought to get back to have a chance to tie.”

Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton

“It’s one of those typical ACC games that could have gone either way. It was two very determined defensive teams who forced each other into a lot of turnovers.”

“Whenever you have two guys like Zeglinski and Harris, you don’t want to leave them when you know they’re capable of knocking threes down, and Harris did that. They kept us from helping out very much and we didn’t do a very good job of handling the ball screen. But down the stretch, Okaro and Mike made some great plays.”

“The game could have gone either way and that’s a typical ACC blowout, a three-point victory. That seems to be the way it goes in this league. We’re very fortunate, very proud of our players. We fought very hard.”

“I still think we’ve got a tremendous amount of room for improvement as we continue to keep finding ways to win and keep pulling games out.”

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