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2011-12 Virginia Basketball Postgame Quotes
February 8, 2012
#19/20 Virginia 68, Wake Forest 44

Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

Opening Statement:
“I thought tonight was one of those games when the offense and the defense came together. After the first few minutes, I felt we had breakdowns defensively but then our defense tightened up and then we guarded well. Obviously guys were in the zone shooting the ball: Mike, looking at the stat sheet I did not realize he did not miss a shot; Joe got us off to a great start. We were moving the ball but making it hard for them to score and it was nice to see that because there was good effort and good execution. Wake Forest is a team, they certainly were cold tonight because they did miss a few of the open looks they got, but they are a team that can score so I was pleased that we made them shoot mostly contested shots.

On coming back after big halftime lead:
“It was a great first half, but as they say the score is 0-0, let’s see what we can do in these first four minutes and we executed. Jontel had a nice drive to get us started, and again just had good shots in rhythm and I’m sure on Wake Forest’s part they were a little deflated being down like that. I still think our guys executed offensively. They didn’t turn it into trying to get a quick shot, just took what the defense gave them and made them work on the other end. They got some deflections and held each other up.”

On playing in the ACC in the closing weeks of the season:
“You’ve been watching us every time we’ve played, in this league you better be ready and tonight we were fortunate to have both parts working and Wake Forest was a little off. I understand BC beat Florida State so again every game is tough. Going to North Carolina and teams coming up, we know what we have to do and we’ll try to execute to the best of our abilities. They’re great opportunities out there for us.”

On team’s play:
“They were efficient. The ball was moving topside, guys were screening and getting people open and the looks were there. They were playing together, and the same thing defensively. That’s what you hope for, that’s why you practice hard and what you prepare for and when it comes together it’s nice to see. We showed some spurtability, we were pretty good on the glass, and got some transition buckets. But because we did it once doesn’t mean it will show up again, so we’ll need to be at a very high level come Saturday.”

On Mike Scott’s play:
“He didn’t have one bucket in the paint, they were all outside it. He was in the zone, but he has good touch and he works at that. He took one maybe where there were hands in the face, but today wasn’t a game where he needed to lock up and get down there because there were some nice openings and creations off of penetration and kicks. You could just see, like in the Clemson game, he had that nice rhythm and he caught it in rhythm and shots certainly were dropping, but that versatility of his that he has added to his game makes him a hard matchup.”

Wake Forest Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik

On the overall game:
“First of all Virginia did a great job of executing their offense with great intensity. They made shots and they just kept making shots. That defused our energy. Our players got down on themselves a little bit and it just kept going. When it keeps going like that, it’s hard to stop. That’s not us, and that is not how we have been playing lately. We’re just going to get on that bus and go back home and know that we are much better than this. We can’t allow our energy to be defused when teams come out and start making shots like they did. That has happened to us before this year and it is unacceptable. We will go back tomorrow and get back at it.”

On Mike Scott shooting 9-9 from the field:
“Our intentions were good coming out of the gate, but he was just on fire. So were the other guys and they were just hitting from all areas and operating on all cylinders. Let’s give Virginia a lot of credit.”

On defending Mike Scott:
“We thought our length would at least bother him and it didn’t. You can’t double team him in the mid-post area. We doubled him in the post. When he catches it mid-range and when you run at him, he is used to that. He shoots it very quick.”

On struggling at the end of the first half and beginning of second half:
“We turned the ball over and that fueled it some. They got out, and instead of making tough shots, they got some easy shots with those tough shots. We have to have everyone playing as well as they can play. We need to be operating on all cylinders.”

Virginia senior guard Sammy Zeglinski

On the fast start:
“Joe [Harris] came out of the gates hot and knocked down three three-pointers in a row. Mike [Scott] was phenomenal again. Offensively, we were clicking, and defensively, we made it tough for them all night.”

On upcoming game against North Carolina:
“We’re all excited about going down there. I know they’re playing right now, so I’m going to try to catch some of that. I’m going to take a look at them. We’ve just got to get ready tomorrow and start preparing for what will be a big game for us. We’re excited for the challenge and we’re going to need everybody to contribute.”

On defensive performance:
“I thought we made it difficult for them to get in the paint. We did a good job closing out shooters. It definitely was tough on them. I think it tired them out to go through 30 seconds on the shot clock before they could get a shot.”

Virginia sophomore guard Joe Harris

On offensive performance:
“The guards did a good job of moving and the bigs did a good job of setting screens. Offensively, I just felt like the rhythm was there. Guys were on time with the passes. The screens and everything were just really efficient.”

On entire team effort on offense:
“It makes it really tough when everyone’s coming in, hitting shots, creating for their teammates, and everyone’s being really unselfish. We’re a tough team to defend on nights like that.”

On play of Mike Scott:
“That’s pretty impressive, especially because he wasn’t just around the basket and making lay-ups and jump hooks. He was spreading it out, hitting shots all over the court. I think that’s a testament to Mike and the work that he’s put in with his jumper. His confidence level is really high right now.”

Virginia senior forward Mike Scott

On perfect shooting night:
“I knew I made a lot. I didn’t know how many I had made. I was on a little bit and I was going. I tried to just keep being aggressive.”

On offensive output:
“I was just screening. I think the better my screen is, the more likely the guards are to get open or I’ll get open. I just tried to set better screens and create space. I worked on that shot all summer.”

On reason behind team’s offensive outburst:
“Against Florida State, we had a lot of empty possessions. We had a lot of turnovers-I had seven myself. We just took care of the ball tonight and ran a good offense. We got everyone going.”

Wake Forest junior guard C.J. Harris

On whether or not the loss was stunning given the fact that UVa has had trouble scoring this year:
“No because it’s an ACC team and every team can score. You’ve got to respect the game and the team. It happens. It will just be a short term memory.”

On the game:
“We let a lot of people down and got embarrassed. We disappointed ourselves. That’s about it.”

Wake Forest senior center Ty Walker

On Mike Scott:
“He’s a good player. I give him credit. He hit some big shots and some real good shots. He shot a great percentage from the floor so I just give him credit. He is a great shooter, and I did the best I could.”

On whether the game is a low point of the season:
“We are mostly just disappointed with ourselves. We just were not ourselves out there.”

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