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Virginia track and field senior Marcus Robinson (Richmond, Va.) recently talked to ahead of this weekend’s NCAA Indoor Championships (March 9-10). Robinson is the NCAA’s No. 1 seed in the triple jump with a UVa and ACC indoor record mark of 16.63m (54’6.75″).

What has your mindset been this week gearing up for NCAAs?
My mindset has been chill, not changing anything up from a normal week and staying relaxed.

Will having competed at NCAAs last year help you this year?
Definitely, last year I was too worried about doing well and this year, I’ll just be worried about doing me, which is staying consistent and performing to how I know I can.

Does having spring break this week help your preparation?
It helps a little. My schedule is pretty relaxed anyway, but the extra relaxation and free time has been helpful.

Does the week leading up to a big meet change from your normal routine?
I get a little more rest time and usually do more acceleration work than jumps before a big meet. I spend more time in the training room as well.

You broke the school record at the Penn State National Invitational and then two weeks you went a foot further, what were those two meets like and rate your performance?
On both occasions, those were bad (technical) jumps, and I know that there’s still so much more that I can do. I’m just waiting for it to all come out.

What were your thoughts on winning ACCs for the second year in a row?
Even though I won at ACCs, I wasn’t too happy with my performance. They weren’t up to where I want to be.

How did you end up coming to Virginia?
My high school coach (Keith Witherspoon) was the former record holder here and put me in touch with a lot of people here and helped me get into the program. I came in with the goal of breaking his record and finally, it’s done.

What is the biggest difference between grad school and undergrad?
Grad school just feels a lot easier, but the biggest difference is once-a-week classes. I’m taking a sports psychology, a behavioral management class, comparative education and a video communications class.

Do you plan to continue jumping after UVa?
I plan to continue my jumping career. My number one goal this season is to make the Olympics, period. Knowing that I haven’t done my best yet is good to know.

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