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Howard at Virginia
2012 WNIT First Round
March 15, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
On team’s composure down the stretch and in overtime:

“I thought there were a couple really good things about the game and that was one of them – poise. I thought we did a really good job at attacking the basket. I think Lexie [Gerson] did a great job of finishing the free throws for us. Early on we were fouling and putting them on the free throw line. I thought we really guarded well down the stretch. So those things were definitely positive for us.

On two weeks off and slow start to the half:
“Offensively that could have been it, we could have just gotten rusty but they do play a really good match-up zone and so it takes a little bit of time to prepare for it so I don’t think we really understood and got the looks we wanted to early. I think Ari [Moorer] did a good job attacking it.”

On switching up defense:
“We were just trying to go back and forth and keep them off balance a little but I was afraid to stay in man too long because they were just really attacking us off the dribble and we didn’t just want to give them free points at the free throw line. I mean we tried two different zone defenses and they were shooting 3’s so we had to go back to the man.”

On energy and intensity in first half:
“For me the Achilles heel all year has been our rebounding so whether we are coming out flat or energized, we just have to fix that piece of the puzzle. I think when we are not giving the team second and thirds looks at the basket you become more energized and get your team going. It’s deflating to have a team get three or four offensive rebounds on crucial possessions so I think that is a piece of the game that we have to figure out and that they have to figure out. We cannot go out and rebound for them so we are either going to do it or it’s going to cost us.”

On the challenging level of the opposing team:
“I just don’t think there are any bad teams in postseason. Not in this tournament and not any that I’ve seen in any NCAA Tournament. We talked to the girls about that and there are just no weak teams. You have to show up and play your best basketball or you are going home.”

On circumstances of not getting NCAA bid:
“Definitely disappointment and shock. We felt very confident that our resume and our body of work this year was really good. I think at times you can use whatever tool you want to use to justify putting people in and people out.”

On match-up with Richmond Monday:
“They are a great shooting team and shoot the three really well. They play a spread offense and a lot of motion. It was really one of our first games where they pulled us out of the zone and we had to play a lot of man against them so we will be ready for both. We are going to take tomorrow off and get two good practices in Saturday and Sunday. We’ve got to play better than we did against them when we were at their place. I thought they shot the ball really well against us and we again had to go back and forth between our man and our zone. Obviously a lot of credit goes to Howard but we are going to have to play a better game to beat Richmond.”

Virginia Guard Lexie Gerson:
On keys to offense:

“Just trying to push tempo and trying to get transition. We were trying, as guards, to get rebounds and go, because then we wouldn’t have to set up against their defense, and just easy buckets.”

On frustration during the game:
“I don’t really think [we were frustrated]. I think we pushed tempo off our defense, and our defense was decent in the first half, so we knew shots were going to fall. We stayed confident.”

On the halftime message:
“Rebound. Rebound. And rebound.”

Virginia Guard Ataira Franklin:
On offensive play:
“None of us were really forcing the issue too much. Ari [Moorer] was attacking the basket strong. Lexie [Gerson] made some big plays for us. I went to the basket and got fouled. It all came within the flow of the game, but the refs were calling the fouls so we had to go out there and draw some contact.”

On showcasing the team after NCAA decision:
“I think at this point, we are playing for ourselves. We were obviously disappointed, as coach said ‘shocked’ about the decision. We’re trying not to look at it as a setback. A lot of teams don’t get the opportunity to play in postseason. All we’re going to do is capitalize off the situation and make the best of it.”

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