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WNIT Third Round
Appalachian State at Virginia
March 22, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
On the win:

“I thought we executed well on the floor. I love our pace that we’re playing these past two games. I really do. I thought that Appalachian State had a great game plan and tried to play a little bit of triangle and two on us. They had a great season, won a couple of games postseason, so they were prepared. But I was pleased with how we executed tonight.”

On Ariana Moorer’s play:
“When she has floor games like she has been for the past three games, we’re just better. Her pace makes our pace as a team better. We get easier looks at the basket and easier shot attempts; it just makes everyone more relaxed. Her pace has been really good.”

On getting to 25 wins:
“I feel good that the team has completely bought in. We’re maximizing our potential and still playing deep into March. That’s how you evaluate a team: did they reach their potential? I think we’ve reached it and we are showing some really good basketball right now. We’re peaking at the right time. The number is the number, but the longer we play, the better.”

Virginia Sophomore Guard Ataira Franklin
On scoring in the second half:

“I was in the flow of the game. It all started with our defense, and we were getting transitions. It’s fun to play that way. We don’t have to get in half-court and worry about what the other team is in. We’re getting 2-on-1’s and 3-on-2’s, it’s easy to play like that. I think we’re all motivated. We’ve been given the opportunity to play in the postseason, which isn’t something that a lot of teams have. We want to take advantage of that. We’re playing for Chelsea [Shine] and Ariana [Moorer]. We don’t want this to end for them just yet. We’d like to send them out with a championship.

Virginia Senior Guard Ariana Moorer
On pressuring the ball and getting transition points:

“It’s fun. This is what we do; we fly around. Ataira [Franklin] and Lexie [Gerson] get tips and deflections, and I come up with the steals. It’s definitely fun to play like this.”

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