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Sept. 1, 2012

Virginia vs. Richmond

Sep. 1, 2012

Richmond player quotes

Senior Quarterback John Laub

On what you take away from this loss:
“The energy and the fight were definitely there, we didn’t stop fighting the entire game. I think that we showed the sparks offensively and defensively that we can be a great team and stop the ball defensively and move the ball offensively. I think we just need to be at that high level more often. We came in knowing that we could do that and we just need to be more consistent.”

On first start as a college quarterback:
“I could say that first quarter I was a little nervous. I need to relax a little bit more and play ball, I need to be more consistent with my accuracy on some of those balls. Coach Streeter tells us the offense goes as the quarterback goes and I just need to be more consistent with my abilities and confident that I have the o-line protecting me, confident that the receivers down the field are open. I just need to be a little bit more consistent and then that will raise the level of our offensive ability.”

On passing to Ben Edwards a lot, especially early:
“Some plays it could be me looking for him in his matchup because he’s a great route runner. He’s a great receiver overall. Some of the stuff where he was in the middle was designed to get him the ball quick and let him make plays but certain plays that was just who the ball was supposed to go to. Ben is a great player and I look to make plays.”

On having his head coach against family on the other team playing:
“Obviously he [Coach Rocco] wants his family to do well but he’s the head coach of the Richmond Spiders and he insists we do well too. I think Coach Rocco handled it this week very well as far as all of the questions he was getting and stuff like that. It’s a unique situation and I’m sure their family enjoyed it.”

Sophomore Quarterback Michael Strauss

On play with Seth Fisher’s receiving touchdown:
“It was supposed to go in the flat. Oh yeah I was surprised. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than skilled and that was one of those times.”

On returning and playing again at Scott Stadium:
“It’s ironic since this is where it all started. This is where I played my first snap, for a different team. I’m upset about the loss but at the same time we have to move forward and improve on things.”

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