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Sept. 12, 2012

Craig Littlepage, Virginia director of athletics
“As the landscape of intercollegiate athletics continues to evolve, I think this is a great move for both the Atlantic Coast Conference and the University of Notre Dame. There are many common characteristics between Notre Dame and the universities that make up our conference. This seems to be a good mutual fit. I believe our fans will enjoy watching a broader array of competition among our teams that Notre Dame will bring to the ACC with its successful athletics program.”

Mike London, football coach
“I think it is a great thing for the ACC. The ACC has done a tremendous job since it first expanded to capture some very big media markets from Miami to Boston and now this adds the Midwest strongly into that mix and really the entire nation when you think about the following that Notre Dame has. Part of the appeal to adding Notre Dame is that it is such a fine academic institution. They have the same similar values in terms of how they view the student-athlete and their college experience.

On going to Notre Dame Stadium to play:
“You’re talking to a guy who coached at Boston College, so I’ve had the chance and experience to go there and coach in that stadium. They have all of those historical artifacts – the Golden Dome and Knute Rockne and Touchdown Jesus. Some schools have an atmosphere that is special to play in. There’s no doubt Notre Dame is one of those places. We also have a little history around here, so I’m sure their fans will enjoy coming to Charlottesville and visiting the University and experiencing what Virginia is all about. It will be a great rivalry. We might have to call it the Gene Corrigan Bowl.”

Tony Bennett, men’s basketball coach
“This is a terrific addition to our league. Notre Dame embodies what the ACC is all about: excellent academics and athletics. They run their basketball program in a classy way. With the additions of Syracuse and Pitt, and now Notre Dame, this is going to be as powerful of a basketball conference as I can remember.”

Dom Starsia, men’s lacrosse coach
“The announcement of Notre Dame joining the ACC is another exciting development in our sport. What a unique situation to have six of the very best programs in our sport now in the same conference! Our game continues to grow at every level and this is another definitive marker of that progress. These are heady times for the sport of men’s lacrosse.”

Bowen Sargent, men’s golf coach
“It is great to have an institution like Notre Dame in our conference. From an academic standpoint they meet the profile. I think it’s a great fit. They have a good golf program and we look forward to competing against them.”

Kim Lewellen, women’s golf coach
“I’m very excited to see Notre Dame join the ACC. It has a strong golf program and they will add another good team to compete against. It is an outstanding school that will complement the values of the ACC.”

Mark Bernardino, men’s and women’s swimming and diving coach
“I couldn’t be happier about Notre Dame joining our conference. It’s great for the ACC and it’s great for ACC swimming and diving. They’re an excellent fit both academically and athletically. Notre Dame will help further propel the ACC to excellence for years to come.”

Kevin Sauer, rowing coach
“Notre Dame will be a great addition to our conference. Having eight schools in the ACC (for rowing) with Notre Dame and Syracuse joining, we will have a much stronger conference.”

Dennis Hohenshelt, volleyball coach
“It’s another good school coming in that will help elevate the level of play in the ACC. With addition of Notre Dame, plus Pitt and Syracuse, the standard to be good in our conference will be higher.”

Brian O’Connor, baseball coach
“It’s very exciting. The University of Notre Dame adds a lot to the Atlantic Coast Conference. Obviously their academic reputation and what the university stands for is right along the same lines as what our conference stands for. I think it’s a great relationship and something that will benefit all of the sports programs in the ACC.”

“I’m personally very excited. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the University of Notre Dame. My nine years there were very special and were instrumental in my coaching career. It’s a fantastic institution and one that people want to be associated with. I’m thrilled and looking forward to taking a UVa team back to South Bend.”

George Gelnovatch, men’s soccer coach
“If I had to pick two or three teams from around the country to invite to our conference, and specifically for men’s soccer, Notre Dame would be one of them. I really have a lot of respect for their program, their coach, the school and everything they represent. They will be a great addition to men’s soccer.”

vSteve Swanson, women’s soccer coach
“We are excited to welcome one of the top women’s soccer programs in the country into the ACC. Notre Dame has a rich tradition in our sport and adding them to our league is a positive move for all of us. We have established ourselves as the best women’s soccer conference in the nation and adding Notre Dame is only going to make us even better.”

Eileen Schmidt, softball coach
“What a great addition to the conference from both an academic standing and as a softball program. Notre Dame is a top-25 team. With the success of the conference last year, receiving five invitations to post season, the addition of Syracuse, Pitt, and now Notre Dame is just bolstering the conference RPI and competitiveness. It is an exciting time to be a part of the ACC.”

Bryan Fetzer, director of track and field and cross country
“Notre Dame is a fantastic addition to the conference. They have a good program in both track and field and cross country as well as a great tradition across many of the Olympic sports. They will help raise the national profile of the ACC and solidify the conference as the premier conference in the country.”

Julie Myers, women’s lacrosse coach
“The addition of Notre Dame to the ACC presents many new challenges. They will be a new addition to our schedule and the game will be a huge test. We will have eight conference teams that play high level lacrosse. Every team should be ranked in the top-25 with a solid six within the top-12 year in and year out. Playing in the ACC tournament will be a great test and “dry run” for the NCAA tournament that follows a couple weeks later.”

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