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Virginia vs. No. 17 TCU
Sept. 22, 2012
Attendance: 46,330
Final: No. 17 TCU 27, Virginia 7

Virginia Head Coach Mike London
On his team’s defense against TCU:
“I’m proud of the way, defensively, our guys bounced back from a couple of tough situations they were put in. We had a fumble, two interceptions, you can’t give the ball away four times in a situation like that and particularly against a team like that. It was great to see a lot of these guys play tough and hard football, even though we had to blitz a little bit and we got burned a couple of times. As I said, defensively, there’s a better effort than there was last week. That’s a pretty tough team to play as well.”

On his team’s running game against TCU:
“This team has given up 60 yards per game per rush and we did some nice things. They packed the box and they do what they do. They played tough defense, but there were some bright spots and we were able to run the ball, which is what we have to do, because it sets up the pass. Even though the score is indicative of the way they played, believe it or not there are some positive things that occurred for us against a top 20 team.”

Virginia Junior Defensive End Jake Snyder
On his team’s performance:
“We thought we played a pretty good game, but not good enough obviously. It’s too many big plays, too many mistakes. We’ve got a mentality that everyone’s got to be accountable for their assignment on every play, and that’s not what you saw today. Even if we play 90 percent of the snaps well, if one guy makes one mistake on one play you know that’s going to be too much, and that’s when you saw those mistakes happen. It’s not any one person; it’s not any one group of people. It was all of the guys on the field today, and it’s just not good enough to win.”

Virginia Junior Quarterback Michael Rocco
On TCU’s defense:
“They were a good defense, they were fast and physical. We still moved the ball, but they were a great defense and they forced turnovers. I still believe in our offense.”

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson
Opening Statement:
“We found a way to get to 3-0. It was not pretty again and this time it was the fault of the offense. If it was not for some blocks in the back we probably would have had 100 or 120 more punt return yards if we just do our job.”

On kicker Jaden Oberkrom:
“He did what we asked him to. He made field goals, he made his extra points. If we ask him to make a 55 or 60-yard field goal, that is above the call of duty, but we didn’t.”

On defense:
“We played well in the red zone. We didn’t want to give up a touchdown, but we did. We should have had an interception on that same drive, probably two. Elisha (Olabode) should have had one and so should have (Jason) Verrett. It is like missing a catch on a foul ball and the guy then hits a home run. You can’t do that.”

On Brandon Carter:
“We knew he was an athletic guy. He needs to keep making plays, but he was also the guy who slammed the ball on the ground and cost us 15 yards and we don’t get a field goal. You have to do smart things.”

On Casey Pachall:
“The time clock needs to go off in his head, or he won’t last the season. He needs to understand you can’t have an all-star season without having a good and a great season before that. That is also what I told Skye (Dawson). Just because you miss one game, you can still come back and make great plays and make an impact.”

On linebacker play:
“People have been saying we don’t have any linebackers. They picked on our linebackers in the pass game. We just have to do our jobs. People are going to take shots. We are a defense that tries to put people on islands, so you have to do your job.”

On loss of Waymon James:
“I didn’t think there was a difference, it was not in their heads. The next guy has to go in. We did not make a big deal of it. We will have to go back and see on the film.”

TCU Senior Linebacker Kenny Cain
On two interceptions:
“My interceptions were caused by the 10 other guys on the field. The defensive line got pressure and forced the quarterback to throw the ball. The defensive backs covered their guys and forced the throws. I was able to get the picks.”

On defense in 2012:
“We gave up one touchdown late in the fourth quarter, but that comes along with finishing the game. The defense has been playing great, and we have to keep that up and force teams to kick field goals.”

On returning interceptions:
“I was just excited to get the interception, my eyes got big. I had a flashback to when I was a running back, but that went away quickly. It seemed like every time I took a step the end zone got further away.”

TCU quarterback Casey Pachall
On the interception he threw today:
“I should have just thrown it away. That would have been the smarter thing to do. It was one of those things.”

On Brandon Carter’s progress as a receiver:
“He’s done a great job. He’s gotten a lot better with his routes, and knowing when to do what. That certainly helps me, because he’s a lot more reliable now with his routes and everything. I know he can catch the ball and run with it, but it’s just that trust factor that’s grown.”

On how he’ll handle throwing his first interception:
“I want to be perfect the whole time. I know I’m going to make mistakes because everyone does. But after that, it’s just one of those mistakes I’m going to have to learn from.”

On how the offense will adjust to turnovers:
“Not really. It’s one of those things where it happened, and there’s nothing we can do about it. When we do turn the ball over, we just have to have a short memory.”

TCU receiver Josh Boyce
On how he saw the game:
“We played a good game. The offense has to eliminate turnovers in the red zone and the defense played excellent by holding them to seven points because that’s good for our offense. As long as we score one more point than the other team, we’re good.”

On what setting a new TCU record means to him:
“I’m happy. I can’t get too happy because we got the whole season ahead of us, but it is good to have.”

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