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Oct. 20, 2012

Virginia vs. Wake Forest
Oct. 20, 2012
Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe Quotes

On offense:
“We need to find a way to make a first down, which we didn’t get many of today. But the best thing we did today was carry the football. We also didn’t have a lot of turnovers, which was great. The best thing we did today was not turn the ball over. We didn’t lose that turnover battle.”

On punter Alexander Kinal:
“I think that sometimes Alex has that type of punt that turns itself over and sometimes comes back toward the kicker. It’s hard to catch those things especially in pressure situations. It’s just tough. It’s not easy. It’s hard to catch a punt period, but under such pressure it’s tough.”

On defense:
“I think 50 [Nikita Whitlock] is back at full speed and that makes a difference. The other thing is that the guys that sometimes get looked over do great things. It starts with 50 and if he’s playing well the other guys get loose and step it up. I thought defensively we had a lot of energy and played hard for four quarters. We didn’t contain some of Virginia’s plays, but we played a lot of good defense without a lot of help. We made a conservative effort to run the ball today. It wasn’t pretty at times, but we took physical care of the ball and took care of the ball day and that was huge and paid off.”

On going forward:
“We’re healthy right now, that’s the biggest thing. We haven’t been full strength previous to this. This is what we hoped we would be able to do defensively at the beginning of the season. We came in really determined to run the football today and we didn’t have much success at that, and we didn’t have that much success running it. I thought overall it was just a great defensive effort.”

On Tylor Harris sacking the quarterback (in the fourth quarter):
“We know he’s a really, really good player. Our defensive line coach probably thought that might be a little risky, but he had fresh legs and has a lot of talent.”

On his thoughts with the score tied at 7-7:
“We were thinking, if we can kick a field goal, we could have a little momentum going into the locker room and we felt really good about that. I thought we would at least take a shot at it. We needed that energy going into the half.”

On penalties:
“I think penalties never seem to come at the right time. I thought our delay of game penalty really caught me off guard. That was a key penalty. I think more so when you’re in a losing streak and also when you’re playing in a really, really close game, those penalties like that can really make a difference.”

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