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Nov. 16, 2012

Virginia vs. North Carolina
Nov. 15, 2012
North Carolina Player Quotes

Sophomore Tailback Giovani Bernard
On the defense rebounding after the loss last week:
“They do a good job every single day and every time we practice. These are the times when they’re clutch. Things like that happen in football games; it is the adversity we talk about every day and they did a good job overcoming it. What they do is no matter what is going on they are fighting back. No matter what the outcome of the game,they are always fighting back.”

On the play of quarterback Bryn Renner:
“People don’t really notice how well he plays sometimes and he did a great job today. He’s a great guy and he is one of the guys I look up to. He’s done a great job this season so far and now we have to finish off strong and now we have to finish off with a bang next week.”

On his touchdown reception:
“It was something we worked on during the week. We knew the middle was going to be open and Coach Anderson called a good play and it got executed.”

Freshman wide receiver Quinshad Davis
On the play in the first half:
“We just wanted to start off fast. I was getting a lot of balls. They weren’t playing the perimeter a lot so coach said if they weren’t going to play it we were going to throw screens.”

On breaking the UNC record for most catches by a freshman for a single season:
“It feels amazing. Coming into the game I wasn’t even thinking about it. It hasn’t hit me yet but sooner or later it probably will.”

On the Virginia defense:
“A lot of the other teams play man and they jam me, but they play a lot of soft man and they gave us the opportunity to get the ball to the edge.”

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