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Nov. 29, 2012

A couple of weeks after the end of the season, senior Phoebe Willis and junior Chloe Pendlebury reflect on the 2012 season.

Now that you’re a couple weeks out of the season, what are your finalthoughts on it as a whole?
Chole:We initially set a high goal this year – we wanted to be the best, and we wanted to be national champions. We came in fit and prepared toplay. Despite not reaching that ultimate goal, we are still veryproud that we made the Elite Eight. We can be even prouder by thegrowth of the team on an individual level as well as the team as awhole due to the vast improvement when looking back at the start ofthe season.
PHOEBE: This season was one of ups and downs, from beating Maryland for the first time in a long time to losing to Princeton in the Elite Eight. It was quite the ride! The best part about this season was that I don’t think there is a team in the country that has a better locker room than we do. I’m not talking about the physical locker room, but I am referring to the people that are in it. Our team had to adjust this season. With open arms, we not only welcomed back two Olympians (Michelle and Paige) but also a transfer from our biggest rival UNC (Tollie). Everyone on the team was made to feel like an equal. Even when we lost, we still had the closest, most positive final team meeting of anyone’s in the country (probably even Princeton). That is a testament to the program that has been built at UVa. It is not always about the wins and losses, but its about growing as a group and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

What were some of the most memorable moments of the season?
PHOEBE: The most memorable moment to me was beating Maryland in the pouring rain! We played so hard and followed our game plan so well, there was nothing (even a monsoon) that would stop us from winning. That game was the epitome of our team and our determination to not let anything but ourselves dictate the game.
Chloe: It is very hard to narrow it down, but one of mine was the game Jess Orrett scored her first goal. It was so exciting for not only her but for thewhole team. It’s really nice watching someone who does so much workfor the team on and off the field that usually isn’t acknowledged getrewarded and acknowledged.

What are your thoughts on Paige Selenski’s historic season?
CHLOE: Paige is a very humble person that despite her success in hockey isvery down to earth, which is something that I value very highly in aperson. She worked very hard and I am very happy to have played withher and watched her achieve this record.
PHOEBE: Paige is one of the hardest working players on the team and she also happens to be one of the nicest. Paige is the teammate that every other player in the country wishes they could have had the opportunity to play with. Not only does she have a positive attitude, but she has a relentless attitude which is why she scored 100 goals in her career and was named the ACC Offensive Player of the Year.

Chloe, hat are some things you are looking forward to nextseason in what will be your senior year? What are the expectations?
CHLOE: I am looking forward to coming back next season with everyone beingas excited and ready to play as this year. I believe if we all workhard over spring and summer we could give teams a run for their money.With the 2013 season being my last, I would like to go out with a bangand get that national championship ring!

Phoebe, your field hockey career is now over, but you have some exciting plans for the future. Can you share some of those?
PHOEBE: I’m going to do Teach for America in Philadelphia. I’m also shaving my head on March 21, 2013 for the St. Baldrick’s foundation: I plan to apply to law school in two years when I complete my time as a TFA corps member.

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