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Dec. 1, 2012

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Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

On opening up in the second half to win by 16 points:
“I think we scored on almost 15 of the first 19 or 20 possessions. I thought we were more patient in the second half. The ball swung outside, but we got it inside. We had a mismatch. Akil (Mitchell) was terrific down there with his moves and his quickness.”

On growth of Akil Mitchell and Darion Atkins:
“I talked before about their activity. I didn’t think we were really alert or active to start the game defensively, but I thought as it wore on that we got better. They’re quick, and they can show on ball screens and get back. That quickness is important. They’re not the bulkiest of guys, but they can use their feet and their position to be effective. I like what I’m seeing. Then, when you get some scoring inside off them, or offensive rebounds, it really helps our offense.”

On Jontel Evans:
“He was better today in the game. He touched the paint more and he got in there and made better decisions. He had five steals, and I thought he locked in there and guarded. When he settled in on Sykes, that made a difference. We were going to let him finish the game, but I thought it would be good to get Teven in there. As I mentioned before, hopefully he’ll keep getting better and better, but his ability to put pressure on the defense and get to the paint, especially after the ball rotates, makes a difference for us. That’s where you saw Darion, Akil, and those guys getting some easy buckets.”

Green Bay Head Coach Brian Wardle

Opening Statement:
“Obviously, we didn’t put together two halves and Virginia did. I thought in the first half we played pretty smart, played pretty disciplined, and we did some good things. I thought we had some good looks that we can knock down, that we missed, and then in the second half they jumped on us and we struggled to score. It was a tough way to go down in the second half, we obviously didn’t shoot the ball well and that has a lot to do with Virginia being a very good defensive team.”

On being worn down in the second half:
“I don’t know if we were worn down. When I watch the film I can probably figure it out and see more. We knew that going in and we tried to prepare for it. Obviously they’re big, they’re pretty strong guys, they do a good job of just keeping the ball down in front and making you earn it on every possession, and offensively we didn’t do some good things.”

Virginia Junior Guard Joe Harris

On Jontel Evans’ impact tonight:
“Jontel is huge. He’s a great defender and he was All-ACC defense last year. Offensively, he can almost get to the paint at will it seems. It opens up a ton for our offense, especially for guys like me and Paul.”

On Akil Mitchell’s performance:
“Akil has been great for us all season long. His rebounding has been great. He impacts the glass on both ends and gets us a ton of rebounds. Offensively, he has been working, and credit to our coaching staff for developing. He’s almost automatic now with the left hook over his shoulder.”

Virginia Senior Guard Jontel Evans

On his performance in Wisconsin:
“Honestly, I was frustrated with myself. It was very selfish of me, because we got a great team win and my team did really well. But, all I could think about was how I didn’t play well. Today I took that right step into playing well again.”

On his first basket tonight:
“That was crazy. It was funny because Coach Sanchez decided to do it at shoot around. He looked at me and said, ‘You can get this, and we’re going to look at you.’ Evan looked at me, and I threw it up. The last time I posted someone up was the Winthrop game last year.”

On the second half play tonight:
“We played really well. We were very unselfish, and we turned down good shots for great shots.”

Virginia Junior Forward Akil Mitchell

On his first 20-point game:
“It started at the ACC championship. I’ve been working hard over the past few years, and the coaches have slowly been giving me more and more confidence. Everything feels good right now.”

On his dunk tonight:
“It’s good to get a dunk in a game. It feels like I haven’t dunked all season. I came down the lane, and I got up in the air. I just thought about dunking, and did it. I haven’t seen the highlight, but someone said I double clutched it. It just felt good.”

Green Bay Junior Forward Alec Brown

On 31-27 going into half:
“We started off the first half good and did great. It could have gone better. During the second half, we just didn’t come out with the same energy. Defensively, we were a lot slower. That’s something we need to work on in the future.”

On offense:
“Our offense did fine for the most part. We had a few turnovers. It was our defense that caused us to lose the game, and I think that was pretty obvious.”

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