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Dec. 2, 2012

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening statement:
I’m obviously just disappointed. I thought we didn’t handle their pressure we’ve been talking about the last two days. It’s there style and they do it well and that was the result of the game.

On the offensive mistakes:
It is tough team to play with a quick turnaround. You can’t simulate everything you want to simulate. Part of that is mental preparation and being ready for what’s coming because when people are pressuring you like that, you should get over the top looks and high-lows. We were throwing the ball out of bounds. The first play of the game we run want we want and get a layup and then all of a sudden we can’t execute that stuff. I thought it was a lot of poor execution but I’m not going to take anything away from West Virginia. They made us become that team, too.

On the end of the second half and trying to score:
You need a bucket. I thought Simone was playing physical so I was trying to get her a touch. Some people were running things the way they were supposed to and some people weren’t. It’s hard because we’re better than we showed tonight. We’re not a 25% execution team and it’s disappointing. I just felt we were really sloppy.

On the feeling at halftime:
I felt o.k. We just felt that we had to tighten things up. We came out and when we missed a basket, they’re so fast your transition defense is non-existent. We had to pull off our press and just sit back in the 1-2-2 because they were slicing and dicing through it.

Senior Center Simone Egwu

On West Virginia’s defense:
They were definitely a physical team. We thought we had prepared for it and I just don’t think we did an adequate job. But it’s just preparation for what we’re going to see for the next couple months so it was a good game for us to play.

On the pick-and-roll and and-one opportunity that narrowed the WVU lead to four:
It was a great moment. It was a really well executed play. It was extra-special for China and I because it’s our fourth year and I’m finally back on the court this year. It was really exciting and we thought that was the moment we were going to pull ahead.

On what happened down the stretch:
They turned up their pressure and they got rebounds at crucial moments that led to points in transition that we couldn’t seem to stop.

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