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Feb. 7, 2013

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Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

On tonight’s game:
“I thought we really came out and started it with great intensity on defense. We were flying around. Akil (Mitchell) did a good job. I was obviously concerned because Akil was going to be our only true matchup for (Devin) Booker.”

“Obviously, we moved the ball. They really played so well together. The ball moved and there were good cuts at the rim. Obviously we shot it well. All that really came together nicely.”

On how complete the game was for Virginia:
“We got off to a big lead and Clemson was certainly out of sorts, but I think that was certainly our most unselfish game we’ve played all year.”

On guarding Clemson’s Milton Jennings:
“He was 5-of-8 from three the last game we played. Two of those were off the glass. He’s a player that is very talented and he can really get going. We just wanted to make him earn those looks.”

“We were quite honestly a little more concerned with Booker. They took it to us in the second half down there and shot 10-of-13. We really wanted to make his catches tough. We just had a couple little adjustments that I think helped us this time around.”

On losing Tobey:
“We’ve just got to keep battling, keep swarming, keep doing the things we’re doing, and playing together like we are. We must put certainly a premium on playing smart, not getting in foul trouble, using our trap, using our choke.”

On getting off to a good first half lead:
“I was concerned because of our lack of size, and their interior players. To come out and play that kind of ball on both ends of the floor, certainly was good. Again, to get off to that kind of start really helped. The guys fed off of each other and made a lot of good individual plays. It was fun to watch.”

Virginia Junior Guard Joe Harris

On defense:
“We did a really good job. During practice we changed some things up that we saw we needed to change from the last game against Clemson. We tried to make it more difficult for them. I thought we did a really nice job sticking to the game plan and executing our defense.”

On playing without Mike Tobey:
“Akil (Mitchell) did a great job. He battled (Devin) Booker all night long. The guards made a point to come back and get the rebounds. We made it a focal point to get those rebounds.”

On the game:
“It was a clean game. We executed really well. I didn’t even realize it until I looked up at the scoreboard and realized we were winning by 20, and then 30. That was a testament to how well we’re playing. We didn’t let up at all.”

Virginia Freshman Guard Justin Anderson

On the game:
“It was a great bounce back win. They are a great team. I think we really came together and we were really tough tonight. That was a great collective team win.”

Junior Forward Akil Mitchell:

On defending Devin Booker:
“I had a mountain of a challenge. He’s a big, physical guy, and I knew I had to show up big tonight. I just tried to use my head and my fitness, and it paid off.”

On Justin Anderson’s reverse dunk and his energy:
“I’m not mad. He’s going to be on SportsCenter’s Top 10. I’ve been trying to get that for three years, and he’s probably going to do it in his first year. I can’t be mad. He brings energy on the court, in the locker room, on the bus, everywhere. That kid is non-stop. He’s good for our team.”

Freshman Guard Taylor Barnette

On staying sharp without a lot of playing time:
“It’s just repetition. After practice putting up extra shots, working really hard and keeping a positive attitude. When your time comes, you just have to take advantage of it.”

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

On the game:
“First, I want to congratulate Tony and his staff and players on a terrific game. Those guys were not only ready to play, but when they got off to the great start they didn’t let up at all on either end. They didn’t relax defensively at all, their offense was very crisp tonight, ball movement was great, and we were clearly on our heels from the onset.”

On what to take from the game:
“You learn from the mistakes because when you don’t play well there’s a reason for it. Your individual skills that are weak are exposed. Philosophically we have to look at some of the things we did in the game and make some adjustments, certainly if we play Virginia again. You don’t necessarily burn it, but you’re never as good as you think you are but you are never as bad as you think you are either.”

On Virginia’s post defense:
“Mitchell had a lot of help, but they did a great job. They double teamed off a lot of people and helped a lot off the backside. Their defense was much better than the first game against us. I also think when you’re up and making shots then you have a little more juice in your step and more energy on both ends. To their credit, they didn’t let down on either end at all. They played like a team on a mission today.”

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