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Feb. 10, 2013

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle

“Just happy to get the win. Every game with Virginia Tech is just a grind. We didn’t expect anything different. And we are just really happy to get out of here with a win.”

“This is a tough place to gets wins and Virginia Tech has been in a lot of games. With only seven games left in the ACC, its nice to see your team win when it is on the line. When it is on the line, can they deliver? It says a lot about their character, them coming in here and getting this win. It’s a great game to be a set up for Boston College. BC shoots the ball well. We are going to have to sit down and guard them. It’s all good. It sets us up for the next game.”

Thoughts on defending Virginia Tech’s three-point shooting
“We were playing the percentages. They had come off the Georgia Tech game pretty hot, so we knew there was a chance we could end up playing some man. I didn’t think we were as aggressive as we needed to be in our match-up zone, and that’s on us, because usually we can do a better job. It forced us to have to sit down and defend them and not give them as many of those type of shots in the second half.”

On the difficulty making shots
“Virginia Tech is third in the league in field goal percentage defense. They are a really good defensive team. They make you take tough shots. In the second half, we kind of went away from all of our motion stuff and we were just going to try to call quicks, and get people diving and going to the free throw line. I felt that if we could get to the free throw line, we’d have a chance. We were also trying to get everything going to the rim because [we were in the double bonus] with about eight minutes left in the game. So we had some time to get some points and catch our breath a little bit.”

On whether or not she thought about fouling on the last possession
“YES!!!! Did you notice the three time outs that were called to discuss it? I couldn’t decide. We hadn’t practiced it, so that is what it all came down to. Since we hadn’t done it with the kids, I wasn’t going to make that call right then. As Tellier was catching the ball [at the three-point line], in my head I was going, `I should have fouled!’ But if it goes your way, you’re like `great call.’ If it doesn’t go your way, you’ll be like `I should have done this’.

Junior guard Ataira Franklin

On hitting the shot to give the Cavaliers the lead with three minutes remaining

“It was a little bit of a relief, but I think that in certain points of that game, our mentality had become `if we can’t score, we are not going to let them score, either.’ So we just had to make a conscious effort to lock down on defense and then try to execute on the other end.”

On the defense in the last couple of minutes of the game
“I think we just knew we had to get it done by any means necessary. We knew we needed a stop. Whether they got a shot off or not, we needed to finish it with a rebound. I think those last few minutes were more about pride than anything.”

On thinking about the possibility of losing three in a row
“Going into the game, we had talked about it in the locker room when the coaches weren’t there. We were saying that we need this win. We need to be able to get our swag back, as Coach Cory calls it. We needed to turn things around and get a little bit more momentum going into finishing the rest of the ACC season. And yes. It’s back.”

Senior forward Telia McCall

“Any game is huge, but we didn’t want to lose. The last possession, we knew we had to lock up and have each other’s backs.”

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