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Erin Laschinger knew from a young age that lacrosse was going to be her sport.

“I started playing in a rec league when I was around six,” Laschinger said. “I probably picked up a stick before that, but I have played every single year since I was six years old. Growing up and being from Baltimore, and with my older sister playing at Duke, I always felt like I would play lacrosse in college.”

Though the three-time high school All-American knew that lacrosse was going to be the sport she wanted to play in college, she had a variety of athletic interests growing up.

“When I was younger, I did gymnastics,” Laschinger said. “My favorite was the uneven bars, but I liked the balance beam, too. I also swam a lot and played tennis. In middle school, I played basketball and soccer. In high school, it was tennis and track and, of course, lacrosse.”

Her training with track has come in handy in Charlottesville. Laschinger is the three-time female champion of the annual Gene Arnold Memorial Area 3 Special Olympics Pepsi 10k run. She finished second in the charity race as a first-year, but has been the first female across the finish line in each of the last three years.

“I’ve always liked to run and I still run a good amount,” Laschinger said. “In keeping with lacrosse, we do a lot of sprints, so I think that helps. My strategy in the race has been to fall behind whoever is leading and just try to keep up then try to pass them towards the end.”

On the field, Laschinger has had some moments of triumph as well, such as her freshman year when she scored a goal against George Mason.

“I remember everyone being really excited and supportive and cheering,” Laschinger said. “It was definitely really fun. I think I did a C-cut from the top and someone passed it in and I scored.”

The commerce major has scored a major victory off the field, already lining up a job after graduation.

“I’m going to be working at Evercore Wealth Management in New York,” Laschinger said. “My concentrations within my major are finance and accounting. In interned at KPMG doing accounting last summer. I got an interview for Evercore in September and then in October found out I got the job.”

Though she is very excited to head to New York City, she has thoroughly enjoyed her time on grounds and will find it hard to leave Charlottesville behind.

“I am going to miss the mix of it being a good school and there are a lot of things socially to do,” Laschinger said. “There is a lot of school spirit. We have good football and basketball, but it is not all about just those sports. There is a good balance. Charlottesville is really fun. There are great restaurants and great hiking and other outdoorsy stuff.”

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