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Sept. 17, 2013

Charlottesville, Va. – This season, outstanding University of Virginia faculty and staff members will be recognized for their achievement with the Cavalier Appreciation Award. At Saturday’s home football game against VMI, Warren “Hubba” Wood, Jr. of Facilities Management is being honored.

In May, Wood was the recipient of the 2013 Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contribution Awards, the highest UVa honor staff receive for their dedicated service to the University.

Wood supervises the sign shop for UVa’s Facilities Management division. When new buildings or major renovations are completed, it’s often Wood’s group that is in at the last hour installing directories and room signage.

For 30 years, Wood has served with the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department, answering emergency calls at all hours of the night. In November 2011, he and his son Robert responded to a vehicle fire and pulled three passengers from a car moments before flames engulfed the vehicle.

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