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The Wahoo Central Chat Room with UVa Football Player Kevin Parks

Virginia football player Kevin Parks chats live Thursday, Sept. 26 at 11:30 a.m.

The Cavaliers open ACC play at new league member Pitt on Saturday, Sept. 28. The game commences at 12:30 p.m. and will be televised live on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Welcome to our chat with UVa running back Kevin Parks. We are about to get started here at Wahoo Central.
Michelle (Charlottesville): What’s on your pre-game warmup playlist?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: I like to listen Wale. A little bit of Jay-Z and when I want to get my head bopping a bit, I listen to Chief Keef. But mostly I like to stay mellow.
Jason (Charleston): What is the most memorable moment of your football career at UVa?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: My most memorable moment so far has been going down to Florida State and taking the life out of 90,000 fans after that last touchdown we scored. I will always remember the moment “The Chop” went silent.
Vincent (Charlottesville): I have heard people refer to you as the Incredible Hulk in regards to your strength and ability to run through tackles. What do you think about that nickname and what are other nicknames you have had through your life that you like?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: I like the “Hulk” nickname, and I was referred to as “Little Tank” growing up. I don’t mind being called the “Little Hulk”, it kind of fits me a bit.
Craig: Since you’ve joined the Cavaliers’ team you’ve had a chance to play in two professional stadiums (Georgia Dome & the Miami Dolphins’ stadium). This weekend you’ll play at Heinz Field. What is the biggest difference in the ‘feel’ of an NFL stadium compared to the great college stadiums where you’ve played?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Each venue is unique to itself, no matter if its an NFL stadium or a college stadium. The Georgia Dome was rocking for the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but so was Tallahassee. It just depends on the game and the venue.
Nick (Lynchburg): Where is your favorite place on Grounds?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: I am always thrilled to spend time in the end zone at Scott Stadium.
Jon (Roanoke): Kevin- If you average 80 yards a game for the next 21 games of your career, you will finish 2nd on the all-time rushing list at UVA, passing folks like Tiki Barber, Wali Lundy, Terry Kirby, and Frank Quayle. Do you look at stats like that, or is that just an afterthought?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Whatever happens, those are things that will be nice to reflect back on after my time at UVa is done. Right now all I think about is what I can do each week to help this team win and the stats will fall as they may.
Nick (Waynesboro): Are you a Gus Burger Fan?!
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Yes I am. You can’t go wrong with putting a fried egg on a cheeseburger.
Kelly: Celebrity crush?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Meagan Good
Greg (Charlottesville): What did you think of Daniel Hamm’s performance vs. VMI? How have you helped bring him along in his first year?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Hamm’s game wasn’t a surprise to me. The kid has been doing this since training camp and I knew it was about time that everyone else had the chance to see it.
Bob from Cville: What’s it like being a dad and college football player at the same time.
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Being a dad is a wonderful blessing and so is playing college football. The scheduling has its challenges, but I know I am working toward building a strong future for my daughter.
Megan (Richmond): Favorite sports you support at UVA when you get some time away from football?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: I have to go watch a basketball game and support my man Joe Harris. I also enjoy seeing my North Carolina brethren, Akil Mitchell and Teven Jones. I stormed the court against Duke and that was an amazing game!
Kyle (Richmond): Kevin, who has been your biggest inspiration?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Perry Jones. I learned a lot from him. Not just on the field, but about life off the field.
Joey (Richmond): What do you think of some of the young RBs on the team? How will they contribute the remainder of the year and in years to come?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: I think the young running backs come to work each and every day. They are all coachable, when you have that I believe it makes the coaches’ job easier and makes the team respect what they do.
Ellen (Charlottesville): Who are the funniest guys on the team?
9263732.jpeg spacer.gif Kevin Parks: Depending on what type of comedy you want, its either Jake McGee or Billy Skrobacz. Billy is more of your stand-up comedy guy, while Jake is more real-time observant with his jokes. Then there is Conner Davis, he has a dry sense of humor that is pretty funny. Needless to say, I am always laughing.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Folks, that is all we have time for today. Thank you everyone for your questions and thank you Kevin Parks for joining us here at Wahoo Central. Remember to watch UVa and Pitt on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. EST, live on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic if you live in the Commonwealth. Otherwise, check your local listings.
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