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Virginia football player Demetrious Nicholson chats live Friday, Oct. 4 at 12:30 p.m.

Virginia football player Demetrious Nicholson chats live Friday, Oct. 4 at 12:30 p.m..

The Cavaliers return home to conclude non-conference play on Saturday, Oct. 5 when Ball State comes to town. The game commences at noon and will be televised live on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Welcome to today’s Wahoo Central chat with Demetrious Nicholson. We are about to get started.
Skippy (Ivy, VA): Demetrious, You have been growing your signature dread locks for a long time. What inspired you to start growing them and how have you stayed committed to keeping them? Wahoowa!
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: I really liked how dread locks looked hanging out of football players helmets when I was in the sixth grade. That is why I started growing them. They became my trademark after that, which is why I decided to keep them.
Jim: The past two weeks, we have seen young players like Daniel Hamm and Max Valles come up with some big time performances. Who is another young player that you think can step up and make some big plays when his number is called?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: I think when their numbers is called, this year or in the future, two players are Mark Hall and Divante Walker. We have a bunch of young guys here at UVa that have a ton of potential. It will be fun to see them succeed when its their time.
Murray: What has been your most memorable moment as a student athlete at the University of Virginia?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: Up to this point, I would say beating then-No. 12 Georgia Tech at Scott Stadium in 2011. I had an interception, we beat a ranked team and it was my first experience with the fans rushing the field after a game. It was also special as a defensive player – we held them to 0 passing yards in the first half and did well enough against their signature rushing game that our offense out rushed them, something that doesn’t happen often against Georgia Tech.
George – Charlottesville: How do you like playing Coach Tenuta’s style of defense? What do you like most about it?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: I love playing in Coach Tenuta’s defense!!! The best part about the defense is its aggressive nature.
Greg (C’ville): In honor of Youth Day tomorrow at Scott Stadium: which player did you idolize growing up as a young football player?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: I grew up a Cowboys fan, so I would have to go with Deion Sanders.
Fawne from Chesapeake: What was the greatest influence in your life & who played a major part & what did that do for you?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: The greatest influences in my life are my mother and my great grandmother. They raised me well and they have always been my biggest fans and my biggest focus of motivation.
Megan (Richmond): Favorite class at UVA?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: I took “Sociology through TV and Film” my freshman year. We focused on HBOS’s “The Wire” and related it to our topics in class.
Trent from Culpepper: That was a nice interception at Pitt last weekend. Can you tell us what you saw, what happened on that play?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: Coach Tenuta called a perfect defense on that play and it allowed me to jump the route the receiver ran.
Lauren: What is your favorite UVa sporting event to go to when you aren’t busy playing football?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: I love going to UVa basketball games. I like it when Joe Harris shoots threes. That gets me pretty amped.
Kenneth: What are your superstitions or what pre-game rituals do you have? Do they work?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: I like to have everything neat and folded, in my house, in my locker. All of sports are full of superstitions, so they must be working right? 😉
Jordan: What will the keys be to stopping Ball State’s offense?
9292348.jpeg spacer.gif Demetrious Nicholson: If we play a complete game and apply the pressures we have been showing, I like our chances against Ball State’s really good offense.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Thank you everyone for joining us today. Thank you Demetrious for stopping by Wahoo Central. Everyone make sure you come to Scott Stadium tomorrow at noon for UVa and Ball State. If you can’t make it to Charlottesville, you can watch the game live on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic throughout the Commonwealth. If you live outside the Commonwealth, check local listenings.
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