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Brittany Ratcliffe

Virginia women’s soccer sophomore forward Brittany Ratcliffe chats live Friday, Oct. 25 at 2:30 p.m.

The top-ranked Cavaliers host No. 3 Florida State Sunday at 2 p.m. It marks the first matchup of top-three women’s soccer teams in Klöckner Stadium history.

Submit your questions now. Questions will not appear until the chat starts. Remember Brittany cannot answer questions regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Brittany is just about ready to get started. Thanks for all the questions. Feel free to keep asking more as we go along.
Charlottesville: How does it feel to be the 3rd biggest point scorer on the team falling behind only to 2 starters who have had more play time?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: I don’t really look at who has the most points, as long as we keep winning. It is an honor, but I don’t pay attention to stats. I just try to play my role on the team.
John (Charlottesville): What will be the keys to beating Florida State?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: Playing good defense, finishing our chances and showing a lot of heart on the field.
Stephens City: Love the orange ribbon bow. Does it have any special meaning?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: We have so many blondes on the team, and my parents couldn’t find me on the field. I needed to find a way to standout so they could see me. That is 100% true.
mike ( runnemede): How do you girls prepare for each game
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: I think we cover the gameplan before the game. In the lockerroom, we try to relax. A lot of time that ends up with loud music and dancing.
Robert (Charlottesville): What is your fondest soccer memory?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: ACC Championship last year. I saw how we developed from the start of the season to the end. We could see how our chemistry on and off the field led to that championship.
Greg (Cville): With each passing game, do you guys feel more and more pressure to win since you are the only undefeated/untied team remaining in the country?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: There is some pressure. We know that being No. 1 that we have a target on our back and we are going to get everyone’s best effort. But it also fuels our fire to keep playing at our best.
jamie: what has been the key to the teams success so far this season?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: There are a lot of things that have gone into it. Chemistry, being “all in”, learning from our mistakes and staying in the moment.
Nikki: Who’s your celebrity crush?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: Easy question. Mark Wahlberg. I tweet at him often, but still waiting for a response.
Maureen: What were your goals (personal or team) coming into the season? Have those goals been reached? And if not, what still has to be done to reach them? Go Hoos!!
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: My goals were ACC Championship and NCAA Championship. We still haven’t achieved either of those yet, so we are still on a mission.
Haley (Charlottesville): Which one of your teammates is most likely to end up on a reality show and why? What show?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: That is tough. It is hard to pick out just one person off our team. We have a lot of characters and quite a few could end up on reality TV.
Raishad (Clifton): Coming off the bench scoring so many goals this season, do you find it an advantage attacking defenders having fresh legs? Congrats on ACC P.O.T.W.
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: Never thought of it that way. It is an advantage. Not only do you have fresh legs, but you also have a chance to watch the defense for a few minutes from the bench and see where their strengths and weaknesses are.
Keith (Richmond): What has been your favorite class so far at UVa?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: This is a tough question. I have had a bunch of classes I really enjoyed. All of my professors were great in their own way.
Megan (Charlottesville): What has been the biggest difference between last season and this season leading to your huge success this year?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: We always knew we had the talent to achieve our goals, but winning the ACC Championship last year made them a reality and gave us a lot confidence coming into this year.
Sandra (Richmond): My daughter is an aspiring soccer player and loves watching this team play. If you had one piece of advice for her as she is learning the game, what would it be?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: Practicing on your own is very important. You need to take the things you learn at practice and work on them at home to improve them. The most important thing is to work hard and the success will come.
Maddie (Charlottesville): Where do you buy your bows and how much do they cost?! I’m in 5th grade and you’re my favorite player!
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: I got mine AC Moore back home. I saw spools of neon orange ribbon and figured my parents could see that.
Bill (Washington, DC): Brittany – what makes this UVa team #soyolo, in your opinion? And, tell us fans: what has been the best off the field moment this season?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: The best moment was during our Michigan trip in the preseason. We were in Lake Michigan and the water was freezing and it started raining. To keep warm, we huddled together and sang Britney Spears songs.
Barry (RVA): Looking ahead, what does this team need to do to win an ACC championship? National championship?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: Just to play our game and take one game at a time.
Michelle: If you could be one Disney character who would it be and why
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: Little Mermaid. Because I love the ocean, although I can’t swim.
Jesse (Charlottesville): I know you are a New Jersey girl, did you know Blake Stockton the Miami defender you went up against all Thursday night?
9364756.jpeg spacer.gif Brittany Ratcliffe: I do. Last night, she kind of threw me into the Miami bench. That is how Jersey girls play, so I took it as a love-tap. She is great girl and I love playing with her back home.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Brittany needs to head to practice now. Thanks to everyone who participated in the chat. Hope to see everyone at Klöckner on Sunday at 2 p.m. for the matchup with No. 3 Florida State.
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