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Nov. 6, 2013

CHARLOTTESVILLE – Freshman forward Jeff Jones is one of the newest members of the Virginia men’s basketball team. He earned a roster spot as a walk-on. Jeff is the son of Lisa Jones and Jeff Jones. His father, Jeff, is a former player and head coach at UVa.

Jeff Jones sat down with to talk men’s basketball and attending school at UVa.

What’s it like playing for the team that you grew up around?
It’s really crazy to think about. U-Hall used to be my playground back in the day. During practice I’d be running around the top ring and my Dad find me sleeping in random rows of chairs. It’s really crazy to think about. Even last year I was at games with friends and I would never think about being able to be on the team then this year everything worked out.

Can you sense any similar influences between the two eras?
Two of the coaches, Jason Williford and Mike Curtis, actually played for my dad. It’s pretty cool and creates a real family feel around the program.

Why did you pick UVa?
I chose UVa because it’s close to home, family tradition, and it’s a great school with great athletics and great academics.

What do you plan on studying?
I was originally thinking I might do pre-commerce, but now I’m thinking history and I might go into the Curry School. I want to become a high school teacher.

What influence did you dad have on your basketball career?
He was never my coach per se, he never actually coached any of my teams, but he always influenced me. He’d keep me after practice and make me run if he wasn’t happy with what I was doing and make me do personal drills. I think he really pushed me to be a better player.

What’s it like going up against college players every day?
It’s crazy. The pure athleticism that all these guys have is just nuts. I’ve never played against anything like it, but I’m doing all I can I can to keep up and playing hard.

Who is your favorite person to play against?
Being a Charlottesville guy it has to be Joe Harris. He’s just a celebrity around here. All my friends ask me if I’m guarding Joe in practice and all that stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Who has been your favorite UVa player to watch?
Earlier I guess it would be Sean Singletary. He was always a lot of fun to watch. And lately I guess Joe Harris. I really love to watch Joe play.

What do you like to do in your free time at UVa?
I don’t have much free time trying to balance sports and academics, but I enjoy going to other sports and watching other teams. The football games are always a lot of fun.

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