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Nov. 11, 2013

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening Statement:
“We’re glad to come out in our home opener and get a win. It was nice to be able to play a lot of different people out there and look at different combinations. We’re a work in progress here and trying to figure some things out. We have to play better, but it is very nice to get a win in the home opener.”

On being able to play 12 players tonight:
“It’s been a long time. The end of the bench last year was about seven. It’s nice to get some of the young kids some time when we can with them learning the system. Eventually you have to find what rotations are working, and put in a six through nine, but it’s nice to be able to look at different combinations early in the season.”

On Ataira Franklin:
“She’s just a worn soldier right about now, four years in. That’s the main reason we’re tweaking the lineup a little bit. I’m not sure she’s as warm as she needs to be, so sometimes she jumps on the bike, but we like to come out and press. It’s nothing she’s doing wrong, her knees are just really bad after four years, so we’re trying to limit her minutes and get as much mileage as we can through the ACC tournament. I can’t use her up now and not have her in January. We had a talk Sunday when I told her she wouldn’t be starting. Again, it’s nothing she’s done, she just hasn’t been on the floor for us since last spring. She hasn’t really been practice, so we’ve been trying to have her practice 30-45 minutes twice a week and play games. Obviously because she hasn’t been playing she’s been deconditioned and I don’t want to jeopardize where she’s at with her knees.”

On the press UVa ran at the end of the game:
“I think part of was just putting the right people out there to go to man-to-man, and the first group did a good job. It got us over the hump then everyone kind of jumped on the bandwagon with it. We got comfortable in it. They got tired and we jumped into a press the last eight minutes and change the pace. It’s nice to be able to do that.

On UVa becoming a better shooting team:
“I hope we can. We’ve been tweaking things and changing things in practice. I think we need to find our identity. Now we need to break practice down and really get some shots up in practice. I would say that has been lacking with trying to get everyone in there and learning things. Now that we have a system we can just cut things back and be more of a simple team and get more shots up.”

On the ball movement that led to Faith Randolph’s three point shot:
“On the bench we were saying we need more of that. Those are the plays we need to be making. Not the kicked ball, shuffled pass, pick it up and make a three. Those are the shots we need to take. It’s early in the season, but that’s what we need to start doing.”

On Lexie Gerson and what she brings to the team:
“We’ve struggled with our lineup, and depth is a great thing to have, but what’s the best lineup and who’s playing well together with who. I didn’t like the rotation we had the first game, bringing Lexie (Gerson) off the bench, but we got in foul trouble and she became a four on defense. Starting her at the wing position lets me get her in her sweet spot defensively on that wing, and then move her to the four if we need to. I like the rotation more with Lexie. She gives us size at the guard position and she loves defense. She’s going to be great for us.”

Sophomore Guard Faith Randolph

On being assertive offensively:
“Frankie has told me that our team is really going to need me, not just offensively but defensively as well. I’m just bringing up some of the energy and trying to find my role more this year, because it is definitely a transition from this year to last year and I’m just trying to find that role right now.”

On the difference a bench makes:
“It definitely helps us energy wise. If you go hard when you’re out there and you have a sub coming in, it brings us all together more when we’re working as a team like that. There is definitely more of a teamwork feeling, but we just need more of that energy with the rotations because we don’t want the energy to fall down when a sub comes in. We just want to retain the energy.”

On being confident this year:
“Looking back to last year I thought during the minutes I got I tried to take in all the things that I did and try to improve on that, like my shooting percentage which wasn’t that great last year. I think the time I had last year definitely helped me prepare for this year.”

Junior Center Sarah Imovbioh

On rebounding from the last game:
“Coming out of that game was really frustrating. We went in to practice and Coach was on us. We got outhustled in that game and she told us that we need to get every rebound, she said she doesn’t care how we do it but we need to find a way. We don’t want what happened at JMU to happen again, so I think everyone was on the same page with me, everyone was boxing out, and I was just going for the ball to help my team.”

On foul trouble:
“It is very tough, because it gets you wondering about how you’re play the person with the ball on the next play. Sometimes its frustrating, but like Coach said we just have to do our work really early and beat them to the spot by moving our feet.”

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