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Nov. 16, 2013

Recap | Box Score

Head Coach Joanne Boyle

Opening Statement:
“I was excited. It was a great game for us, quite high-scoring. I was really proud of the girls. I felt like we had great energy out there. I really liked our rotations and I know that’s something we’ve been working on. I felt there was a really good flow out there today.”

On the key to the team’s shooting success:
“You always hope you’re evolving as a team. At the beginning of the season, you’re trying to figure out what your team needs at that particular time. Obviously, shots can’t go by the wayside. We spent the last couple of days trying to get shots up. I thought [Ataira] Franklin came in and gave us some really big threes, and Kelsey [Wolfe] hit that big one by the bench. It was good to see.”

On giving up 82 points:
“22 of those points were off free throws, but we definitely had breakdowns defensively. They had their fair share of second-chance points. There were things that we definitely need to clean up.”

On depth of team:
“I liked our rotations. We went about eight or nine deep. I felt we could throw some fresh bodies out there and get a couple of different looks going for us.”

On Ataira Franklin’s importance to the team:
“She has great leadership. She’s a consistent three-point shooter for us and she runs the top of our press. Ataira knows it and gets it. It’s about bringing the younger kids along and having the veterans step up and be those players we’ve had in the past. Kelsey (Wolfe), Lexie (Gerson) and Ataira are all coming into their own right now. It’s been really nice to see their growth, especially in this game.”

On going back on the road for the next two games:
“You have to be road warriors out there. We have to change our mentality. I feel like we have the energy and have the substitution patterns down. You just have to take that on the road now.”

On the big offensive output:
“It’s a confidence booster. It allows you to take a deep breath, but we can’t become passive or complacent. We have to tighten things up even more and just stay true to who we want to be.”

On point guard situation:
“It’s a little rocky there. Breyana [Mason] is just getting back in the rotation. Reshaun [Gaffney] is really a combo guard that’s trying to play some point for us, but that’s not really her comfort zone. Kelsey is trying to get us some minutes, too. But when someone is pressing, you have to share that basketball.”

On current rotation:
“I like where it is now. It will probably change at some point. I told the players not to worry about when you’re in there. If you look across the board, everybody is getting 20-25 minutes a game, which is perfect. Whether you start or get your minutes in the middle or end, it doesn’t matter. As long as we have the chemistry, I could care less who starts.

Senior Guard Ataira Franklin

On the contribution of Faith Randolph:
“Faith’s been huge for us this year, just scoring. Her coming off the bench today, she was definitely a spark, and I think we picked it up a lot defensively. That is kind of something we’ve been harping on, just sharing the ball and those shots that Faith got were quick passes up in transition and just moving the ball well.”

On her return to game shape:
“I’ve been feeling good. I think for me it is just a matter of getting my wind back. I was a little bit limited in the offseason and preseason, so it’s been a little tough for me, just trying to get back into the flow of things, but I just think as I get in better shape, the game will come to me.”

On coming off the bench in the previous game:
“It’s a thing where I know I’m not in shape and I know that I’m not necessarily where the team needs me to be right now. Faith has been playing great for us like I said.”

On the difference in the play of Faith Randolph:
“I just think given that one year under her belt has really been tremendous for her. Faith, you can just tell the way she plays, she has a whole different level of confidence. I think that is part of the reason why she is such an aggressive player this year. She is just a lot more confident.”

On the early season adversity of the first two games:
“It was definitely frustrating. It was just a situation where we hit adversity and you don’t normally hit it that early in a season. I think that was the most frustrating part for us as a team, but hopefully this game will really give us some confidence. This is how we need to play offensively, sharing the ball. We have things we need to clean up on defense, obviously adjusting with the new rules. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Junior Forward Sarah Imovbioh

On Faith Randolph’s play:
“During the summer she worked on her shot, so she is acting like she is more confident in taking those shots.”

On the change in momentum in the first half:
“It was just our energy. We kept talking on defense like it’s all right, you got it, keep pushing. Everyone just bought into that defensively and I think that was what really helped us tonight.”

On getting some help down low:
“I feel like they really helped me tonight because Coach (Boyle) was able to take me out, get me some rest, and put me back in. Everyone was boxing out down low, even the guards, so it was much easier for me to get in and get those rebounds.”

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