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Nov. 30, 2013

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London Quotes

On Season:
“In the locker room we talked about the adversity that we have had to face. Things happened on the field that we would like to have back but we can’t. We talked about making opportunities to improve. We talked about keeping your head up and not getting caught up in W and L’s. It hurts to lose but sometimes things happen in life that you have to battle through. I thanked the seniors for their efforts. I wish I could have done a better job for them, coaching them. Today we did not go out on a positive note. I love the effort of those guys and who they are.”

On Brent Urban’s fumble recovery:
“It hurts to not convert those turnovers into points. It is disappointing. Whatever it may be, there are different things that have occurred that have not allowed us to get those points. That has happened over the course of the year.”

On program moving forward:
“We have to address the things that cause us to lose games. Players need to understand their position isn’t guaranteed next year. Coaches need to look at systems and schemes. We need to hold our head up and look straight ahead and forward. We need to make those corrections. These guys will have to go on and finish up exams. There are so many things to understand, and they start with eliminating those mistakes that cause us to lose. Like converting those turnovers into points. We have to get it right. We have to get it fixed.”

On QB situation:
“Perhaps Greyson [Lambert] could have gone in the game a little earlier in the 3rd quarter. He had his opportunity and did a nice job in some spurts. But toward the end, Virginia Tech did a great job on the pass- rush situation. Eric Smith had his hands full. Tech made plays when we couldn’t. Greyson will have plenty of opportunities moving forward. It is important that the team improves.”

On VT defense:
“There were some good things that we did to stop them. We had a couple of throws that I wish we had back. Going into this game I knew that their defense was something that we probably couldn’t overcome. Bud Foster has does a great job defensively and has won against a lot of teams.”

On Kevin Parks:
“I’m happy for Kevin. He is a team player. He will probably say he would rather have the win but to have a running back run for 1,000 yards is great. It speaks to the young man he is and the hard worker that he is. I am very happy for Kevin and I’m sure this is something that he will remember.”

On Virginia defense:
“They scored 16 points. We scored six. I think there were some good things that we did defensively but we needed to keep them out of the end zone. It was a great effort by the team. Some things just happen that turn the course of a ball game. We need to learn to make those stops and make those throws. We need to be productive in what we do to correct it.”

On London returning:
“I just ended a meeting with last years team and I’m looking forward to getting next year’s team prepared.”

Junior Tight End Jake McGee

On the chippy play in the game:
“It was just two teams playing physical. We aren’t particularly fond of one another. It got chippy, but I didn’t think it was dirty. There is a difference as a player. It was just guys playing with passion, which is something that both teams can respect.”

On difficulty of the season:
“It was tough. We went 2-10 and lost however many in a row. It was just tough. I don’t really have a lot of answers for it. We will have to dig deep and look into things to see what we need to do to change it. 2-10 is not going to cut it.”

On what players can do in offseason to improve:
“We are all going to work at our craft and try to become the best we can be. I don’t really know the answers to what will get this thing going. Now we have winter and spring ball, but something is going to have to change for this not to roll into next year.”

Sophomore Defensive End Eli Harold

On emotional locker room:
“I told the seniors that I appreciate their leadership. They taught how to lead in the Cavalier way. Jake [Snyder] and Brent [Urban] are like my big brothers. I wish them and all the seniors the best. They really helped me grow both as a player and a man.”

On how the productive game will help improve him as a player:
“There is always room for improvement. I just have to learn how to become a better rusher and how to play against the run better. I need to get bigger, stronger and faster. I just laid it all out there. I did it for my mom.”

On disappointment of going 2-10 and working in the offseason:
“It hurts. I’m not used to losing. Not a lot of guys are. It is just something you have to deal with. It’s life. You have to be resilient. I will now attack everything like it’s the last day of my life. When it’s over, I just thank God for letting me come out of this season healthy and injury-free. I have to try to lead the best I can and get everyone in the same mindset so we can turn this around and reach our goal of an ACC championship.”

Senior Offensive Lineman Luke Bowanko

On Kevin Parks reaching 1,000 rushing yards for the season:
“That’s about as big as it gets for an offensive lineman, and that’s all we can really hang our hats on. We were sort of counting it down on the sideline, and hopefully that becomes somewhat of a tradition here where a guy rushes for 1,000 yards. I’m proud of him. He earned every single yard and gets a lot of yards after contact.”

On offense not producing points:
They are a good defensive football team and we knew that going in. I thought we moved the ball pretty well on them, but we just weren’t converting on big plays and turnovers. Our defense was making stands but we couldn’t take the momentum and score touchdowns. That’s what good teams do. They take the momentum and seize it and make plays. We didn’t make those plays today or this season.”

On walking off field for last time as senior:
“You create a lot of friends and lifetime bonds throughout your years here. You realize you’re never going to suit up and play with these guys again. It’s sad, but it’s rewarding knowing that the guys came out here and gave it their 100%. That’s all I can ask for, and I’ll never forget these five years.”

Senior Defensive Lineman Brent Urban

On the season:
“It’s tough losing games like this. But I’m still thankful for my teammates. I’ve liked how we’ve rebounded in some instances. But it’s been hard losing the games.”

On offense failing to convert after his fumble recovery late in the first half:
“It’s unfortunate. We haven’t always been able to capitalize on turnovers. Even on defense, we’ve had trouble when our offense has turned the ball over. You always have to capitalize on that, and that’s what will help you win games.”

On defense today:
“I think for the most part we were solid. We gave up too many big plays, but we were solid when we needed to be. I’m proud of my guys.”

On Virginia Tech rivalry:
“Every time we go into these games, the records don’t matter. It’s a big rivalry and we always want to win against these guys. You can take the record away and we’re still going to be just as fired up.”

Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Greyson Lambert

On the loss:
“It was disappointing. We really wanted this for our seniors and for this team. Definitely disappointing.”

On his performance:
“Kudos to their defense, but when it comes to down it, I didn’t make the plays that needed to be made.”

On the offense’s struggles:
“We had opportunities the whole game. The [UVa] defense played great.”

On whether problems on offense can be fixed:
“Definitely. All problems can be fixed. We’re going to go back to the drawing board and prepare like we never have before, and prepare so this never happens again.”

Junior Running Back Kevin Parks

On getting 1,000 yards for the season:
“I know it means a lot to those guys (the offensive linemen). For me, I’d rather have a win any day, but that’s the way things go sometimes.”

On inability to turn the second-quarter turnover into points:
“That’s probably been the story of the season. The defense makes plays, they come up with big stops, and we can’t do anything with it.”

On whether the 2-10 record will motivate the players in the offseason:
“I hope it does. If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.”

Junior Quarterback David Watford

On lack of offense:
“It was just not converting on third downs and not being able to keep the chains moving. That was happening a lot while I was in. We also couldn’t capitalize on certain situations. It’s a struggle to convert those downs and keep drives alive. If we can’t stay on the field, we can’t score points.”

On the season:
“We want to take this season and remember how bad we all felt. We do not want this to happen again. We need to get better and go up and beyond what we have been doing. We need to push each other and have each other’s back. We need to remember why we are here.”

On problems posed by VT defense:
“They pressured us and got after us. I made a couple errant throws because of it. The pressure was in my face and I had to get it out before I wanted to and it caused me to be inaccurate. They did that a lot to us on third downs.”

Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer Quotes

Opening Remarks:
“I am proud of our football team and what we accomplished out there tonight. I think that is hard to do against an in-state rival and I think it meant a lot to both teams. Both teams played exceptionally hard and I am really proud to come out of here with a win.”

On a “chippy” first half:
“It doesn’t need to be that way. There were a lot of emotions in the first half. I made sure at halftime to tell them we don’t need to do that. We need to play between the whistles and get ready for the next play. We don’t need all of that other stuff.”

On Duke’s win today:
“I didn’t know about Duke’s win until [after our game]. No one told me and I did not ask anybody. I thought `let’s take on Virginia first.’ I will say congratulations to Duke. They have done something there that has never really been done before. They deserve a lot of credit. Those kids hung in there and deserve a lot of credit.”

On field goals and Eric Kristensen:

“[The field goals] were real big for us. I worried about the height on a couple of them. He [Eric Kristensen] is very accurate, just doesn’t have very much experience. He handles things as well as you could hope for. We have had our issues with field goals, but we found a kid from Ann Arbor, Michigan. His flight is good, he is consistent, and he answered the bell. I am proud of him. He is a great kid. He has a very accurate and consistent swing.”

On running bold plays:
“That is a function of an open date and a big rival. We had a few things we thought could and would work. For the most part they did work, like the reverse on the kick off and getting the on-side kick. Overall I thought it was pretty good.”

On the team:
“When we started this year we had a lot of new people and had to move players around. Coleman was hurt, we lost our tight end who is a vital part of the offense, and then we lost our two cornerbacks. It kind of goes on and on, but then we went on to have eight wins. What I am trying to say is that I am proud of this football team. I think we played hard throughout and played together as well as we could. We had a great season here, we’re going to a bowl, and finishing with eight wins, so I am really proud of this team.”

On the streak against UVa:
“It means a lot. They are our instate rival. I am not sure this can be done again. We have had some great players and have always played well against Virginia. We have been fortunate, but I am not sure that it will ever happen again.”

Virginia Tech Player Quotes

Senior Quarterback Logan Thomas

On his trick play reception:
“We’ve been practicing that all year. We had it pretty much perfected. Obviously I would’ve liked a little better toss out there, but it worked the way we wanted it to minus the touchdown. Personally I didn’t think my knee was down. It is what it is, and we ended up with three points. We would’ve loved to have a touchdown, but a win is a win.”

On Trey Edmunds’ 26-yard touchdown catch:
“He just made a great run after the catch. That is what we have to do, score touchdowns, and he did it. Like coach said, it’s sad to see him go down with the injury, especially the kind that it is. We’re just praying for him, hoping he gets better. He is a great player and a great kid.”

On the result of the Duke game:
“I found out in the first quarter or right when the game started they flashed it on the board. You have to give it up to Duke. I think they lost their first two ACC games and then ran the table. They deserve it. We didn’t handle our side of it and take care of business when it mattered, so we can’t say anything about it.”

On the impact of the Duke result:
“I think we came out there with great intensity and purpose. I come out and play the game the same way every single day. That’s how you have to be as a quarterback and obviously our offensive line went about it the same way.”

On Tech winning the last 10 rivalry games against UVa:
“It’s a rivalry that you have to play every single year, and there is really no better feeling than winning 10 in a row against your rival. I’ve been a part of the travel team for five years now, and we’re 5-0 against them. There’s something special about our locker room.”

Senior Defensive End James Gayle

On Virginia Tech’s defense:
“I think the defense did well. Anytime you keep them from scoring a touchdown there isn’t much else you can do. They have dynamic players, and they were able to make plays when they needed to, just not enough to win the game.”

On the emotions of the game:
“Losing to UVa was out of the question. The guys came in knowing that. We just know that we have to play hard and if it led to the scuffle then that’s just what had to happen.”

On the rivalry:
“At the end of the day, we know that they don’t like us and we don’t like them. We have to go out there and compete to shut them out.”

Senior Linebacker Jack Tyler

On the impact of the Duke result:
“The few players that knew felt like this game was just as important for us. We knew we had to get this win for our program and our fans. This was more important for us than Duke winning or Duke losing.”

On the on field atmosphere:
“It was a little chippy on the field, but most of the players all knew each other so I don’t think anything crazy was ever going to break out. There were a few shoves here and there, but that’s brotherly love. We just tried to keep our heads cool in the second half, get away from that, and show them we’re the better football team.”

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