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Dec. 17, 2013

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

On the game:
“It was a really good win for us. Coming off of a break, we were able to work on us a lot. We got off to a slow start, but were able to pick it up. It was just a really good team win.”
“Like I said, it was a great team win. We got to try some different combinations. We had a lot of youth out there at times, but they really got after it. I think Tiffany [Suarez] did a good job pushing the ball and getting people easy baskets. I thought Faith [Randolph] shot the ball well. Everyone did well and we were in attack mode. At different times we used two traditional posts and others we had four guards. We looked at different things, but our defense really set the tone tonight.”

On the defense:
“We forced 35 turnovers and I can’t remember the last time we did that, and that translated into easy baskets. When you get that, there’s just not as much pressure on the offensive end of the floor. We outrebounded them by 11, so all the important stats- ones about finishing a play- all those things really helped us tonight.”

On UVa’s slow start:
“It’s just one of those things. We came out there and we were flat. I think you get in foul trouble and everyone plays tentative, and you have to start working your rotation. It took us a minute to get the right group in there for this particular team, but once we did I feel like they really knew what they wanted.”

On the long break during finals:
“We needed it. We have a lot of youth, [seven] freshmen and sophomores, so we’re still trying to work it all out and the first eight games were tough, rotation wise. We got to take a deep breath and not focus on a game and work on us. We really needed to find our identity and figure out if we are going to be a man team or be a zone team, and what it is we really wanted to be and tonight showed the work that they’ve put in the last two weeks.”

On the rotation
“I like different people in different places. I like the young group in some places and the older five in some places. It’s nice. Those are the things that have taken us a while to figure out, but it really showed out nice tonight.”

Sophomore guard Faith Randolph

On the change after the first half:
“I think it was our defense picked up. We really attacked them on our press and got deflections on offense. “

On her career-high 22 points
“No I didn’t know it was a career-high. When I went to radio they told me. I just felt that my teammates found me in the right position to penetrate and I could be there on the kickouts. They were finding me really well and all of my shots felt good.”

On the play of Lexie Gerson
“Lexie really works- when she’s a guard, when she’s a post, and it really showed tonight.”

Senior guard Lexie Gerson

On being done with exams
“This is the best time of year. There is nothing to do but play basketball so I think everyone is done with their exams and is ready to get after it.”
“I though it was great. It’s tough when you come in to a break with a loss and its tough that you don’t play for a couple of weeks but like coach said we have no one to worry about but us. We have just gotten better and fine-tuned ourselves. It was great.”

On the defense
“As a team we really just worked well with our steals and when were really active on D you can see that it effects our offense really positively. I think we really capitalized on that tonight and it was a good night.”

On the difference between playing with older and younger players
“It’s definitely a different feel for sure. On our twelve the older group knows it better because we have seen success in that and we understand a little better. The younger kids are active and they’re flying around in the two three and I get to play back line.”

On her 10-rebound performance
“I should have had twenty. This is the first time I have felt good in awhile. I felt like a young pup so I just have to get my timing down a little more but I am just glad that I can contribute to my team.

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